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No one wakes up in the morning and plans to be arrested. But whether you are facing prosecution due to a moment of poor judgement, or you believe you have been mistakenly charged with a crime for which you are not guilty, you need a top-quality Howard County criminal lawyer on your side to ensure your rights are protected and work for the best possible legal outcome.

You could only be facing a few weeks in jail. But whether you are faced with misdemeanor charges or a felony with a lengthy prison sentence, the Howard County criminal defense attorneys with Kush Arora Attorney at Law can help. Any criminal conviction will result in a permanent criminal record which can have serious negative effects on other aspects of your life, including:

  • Ability to Get or Keep a Job
  • Ability to Take Out Loans
  • Access to Education Opportunities
  • Driving Privileges
  • Security Clearance

Criminal Lawyers in Howard County

Often, an arrest happens at the scene of a crime. The police are called and you end up in the back of a squad car. But in some situations, you are arrested after a lengthy investigation and an arrest warrant is taken out. Regardless of how the arrest happens, you are entitled to protection under the law. Your Constitutional rights are there to protect you from unfair treatment and a criminal defense lawyer will ensure those rights are respected.

One of your rights, the right to remain silent and abstain from self-incrimination, should be invoked soon after your arrest. The police may seem friendly, but they are working to build a case against you. You may be tempted to “tell them everything,” but it is almost always in your best interest to keep quiet. Even if you do want to tell investigators your side of the story, it is often a good idea to do so after consulting with your Howard County criminal lawyer.

Simply telling the police you wish to speak with an attorney should stop their questioning altogether. Also, many people don’t understand this right is present before the police tell you about it. So, if you are being questioned and they haven’t advised you of your Miranda Rights, you can still refuse to answer their questions.

Understanding the depth of your case and all the variables present comes with years of experience. Our attorneys understand what you’re going through and know the best ways to represent you regardless of the charge.

When you are arrested or if you have reason to believe you are under investigation, contacting a Howard County criminal lawyer to help build your defense strategy should be a top priority. Our attorneys have experience handling cases in the District Courthouse in Ellicott City. The attorneys with Kush Arora Attorney at Law have experience representing clients who are in a similar position to where you find yourself today. Take advantage of their experience and contact them for a free case analysis.

Howard County Criminal Lawyer

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