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Silver Spring Criminal Attorney

Following the discovery of a natural mica-flecked spring in the southern portion of what is now Silver Spring, the city sprang up that would eventually become the fourth largest in the state. Most criminal and civil cases handled by a Silver Spring lawyer are tried in Montgomery County District Court System. While an influx of residents from surrounding areas has contributed to Silver Spring’s rapid growth, some crimes have become more common in the area along with the increase in population. Silver Spring criminal lawyers use familiarity with local procedures, fellow attorneys, and court staff to give you the leverage you need for the best possible outcome in your case. Here is more information on Silver Spring DUI cases.

Crime Rates in Silver Spring

Silver Spring has the highest crime rate among districts in Montgomery County as of 2011. Throughout the year, the city experienced 12,581 total crimes, although this was an 8.5 percent decrease from the previous year’s 13,747. As in the rest of Montgomery County, city officials in Silver Spring split crimes into two categories, Part I and Part II. Part I crimes consist of the seven major felonies in Maryland, such as murder, rape, and robbery. According to the Montgomery County Police Department in 2011, there were two murders, 23 rapes, and 269 robberies reported in Silver Spring. As is typical throughout Maryland, homicides declined sharply from 2010 in Silver Spring, a 75 percent decrease, although there were still a number of assaults including domestic assaults.

Property crimes made up the majority of crimes in Silver Spring during 2011. Of the 8,074 total property crimes in Silver Spring, 390 were auto thefts. A further 2,880 were larcenies. On average, Silver Spring experiences around 68 crimes per square mile, nine below the Maryland average but nearly double the national median. Residents living in Silver Spring have a 1 in 32 chance of being a victim of a property crime and a 1 in 179 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. Typically, criminal charges in Silver Spring fall are either misdemeanor criminal cases or traffic violations. These are both areas where a Silver Spring criminal lawyer will be able to provide criminal representation.

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The Courthouse in Silver Spring, MD

A Silver Spring criminal lawyer is experienced defending clients in the Silver Spring Court located on 8552 2nd Ave. The L. Leonard Ruben District Court of Maryland primarily handles traffic cases, civil cases not exceeding $25,000, and landlord/tenant law. The courthouse is located 700 feet from the Silver Spring Metro Station, making it easy to access through public transportation in the area. Nearby parking includes two large garages, the Cameron-Second Garage and Bonifant-Dixon Garage, both within a quarter mile of the building. The L. Leonard Ruben District Court of Maryland is notable for utilizing efficient construction processes that led it to be completed $500,000 under the original budget and well ahead of schedule.

Demographics in Silver Spring

As of the 2010 Census, around 71,452 people live in Silver Spring, including 28,603 households and 15,684 families. Of these, 45.7 percent are White, 27.8 percent are African American, 26.3 percent are Hispanic or Latino, and 7.9 percent are Asian. Around 33.6 percent of the population of Silver Spring lives alone. While at first glance, it would appear that the population of Silver Spring declined from 2000 to 2010, the Census Bureau actually changed the area they considered the Census Designated Place (or CDP) in 2010. So, while a 6.6 percent decline in population was reported, the population density appeared to increase by around 11 percent.

The median household income in Silver Spring is $62,187, while families earned an average of $77,541 each year. Per capita, the residents of Silver Spring earn around $32,181 annually, and about 15 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. The median income for individuals, families, and households has increased since the 2000 Census, but the percentage of people living below the poverty line has also increased, up from 9.3 percent in 2000. The average age of a person living in Silver Spring is 33.8, and 37.1 percent of the population is between the ages of 25 and 44.

The Geography of Silver Spring

Located within Montgomery County, Silver Spring is an unincorporated sector of Maryland, although a relatively large community compared to surrounding areas. According to the 2010 Census, the total population of Silver Spring is 71,452, which makes it the fourth most populated area in the state. Columbia, Germantown, and Baltimore are all more populous. The Central Business District is made up of more than seven million square feet of office space along with more than 5,000 dwelling places. As an unincorporated area, Silver Spring has largely undefined boundaries. The Census Bureau estimates the total area of Silver Spring as about 7.92 square miles. However, the local Chamber of Commerce, Urban Planning District, and U.S. Postal Service all have differing estimates of the city’s boundaries.

While Silver Spring is made up almost entirely of land, the landscape is dotted with a variety of small lakes and creeks. The city itself takes its name from the presence of a mica-flecked spring that was first discovered in 1840. This spring is thought to have originally been located in Acorn Park, an area in the southern portion of the community and separated from the downtown area.