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Baltimore City Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you are questioning whether or not you need to contact a Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer, the answer is already clear. At the first sign of trouble, and especially if you or a loved one have already been arrested and accused of a sex crime, you must get the help of a qualified Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer immediately. Failure to do so will leave you vulnerable to exaggerated claims, excessive penalties, and even outright lies about your case.. Contact our office today to find out how a sex crimes lawyer in Baltimore can help you in your specific situation.

Sex Crimes in Baltimore

As a large city, Baltimore certainly sees its share of crime every year. Its violent crime rate is still far higher than the national average, although it has declined sharply in recent years. Given these high rates, police are on high alert and take any report of sexual assault, attempted rape, or human trafficking very seriously. This is particularly true in troubled neighborhoods such as Sandtown-Winchester, Berea, and Elwood Park. On and around the campuses of Johns Hopkins, University of Baltimore, Morgan State University, and other area colleges, rowdy parties and late-night activities sometimes generate calls to the police claiming sexual offenses as well.

Unfortunately, it is very easy for a “victim” to claim sexual assault or attempted rape when it did not actually occur. A spiteful ex, a jealous friend, or even a mean-spirited prankster can easily get someone into serious trouble with the law by making up a story and getting them arrested. Other times, a person simply misunderstands or exaggerates a situation. Either way, once the accused individual faces charges, he or she needs a Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer who will help set the story straight with hard evidence and reliable testimony.

The SOR in Maryland

If you don’t know what the SOR is, you are not fully aware of the danger that you are in when accused of committing a sex crime. People who are convicted of a sex crime in Maryland have their names added to the state’s Sex Offender Registry (SOR), which is public and posted online. It is essential for you to do everything in your power to keep your name off this list as  it may have a drastic impact on where you can live, what you can do, and what others will believe about you for many years to come. It is truly devastating when someone gets their name on this list simply because they pled guilty to exaggerated charges or didn’t have a competent Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer representing them.


Visitors to the city of Baltimore sometimes run into trouble with prostitution or pandering charges. This is more common than you might think, and it doesn’t take much for a police officer to arrest someone on suspicion of selling or soliciting sex. A simple conversation between a man and a woman in a bar might be overheard and misunderstood as prostitution. An undercover police officer might deceive someone into offering or asking for sex in exchange for money, when they would not have done so on their own. Or, again, a vindictive individual could make up a story claiming illegal prostitution activity just to see you taken away in handcuffs. Don’t rely on your own ability to explain things to the court; it takes a Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer to file the appropriate paperwork, build your defense, and work to negotiate an acceptable outcome to your case.

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Penalties for sex crimes in Maryland are very high, and they do not end with a fine, treatment, or even a stay in prison. If convicted, you will face years of questioning about your criminal record and might be forced to live under restrictions as a sex offender. As soon as you know you are in trouble, call our office to get a Baltimore city sex crimes lawyer in your corner. We look forward to hearing your story, giving you an honest opinion about your chances, and doing all in our power to get your case dropped. Even if that proves impossible, we may be able to get your charges reduced or negotiate to have your penalties minimized. Let us help you preserve your future and put your legal trouble in the past.