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Maryland Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing is defined as the actual creation of a drug for sale or distribution to the public. Drug manufacturing charges and cases are considered among the most serious drug-related criminal offenses in the courts and as a result are taken very seriously by the prosecutor’s offices in Maryland.

Anyone who is involved in any stage of the process could be charged with the manufacture of drugs, whether their role is from picking the leaves off of a plant, processing the drugs in a lab of some kind, or packaging them into a brick to deliver to a particular location. All of those could fall under manufacturing.

If you are facing charges of drug manufacturing, a drug attorney‘s help is going to be essential in mounting your defense. A Maryland drug manufacturing lawyer can help you to defend your charges in order to maintain a positive outcome in your case.

Manufacturing Charges

Drug manufacturing charges and drug trafficking offenses are some of the most serious criminal offenses with regard to illegal narcotics. These are probably the highest level of criminal drug offenders that police departments are looking for.
They are considered source offenders, people who would have a significant impact on the presence of drugs in a community if they were not stopped. They are considered the target for any police department or prosecutor’s office focusing their attention on drug-related crimes.
How a judge would apply the punishment will depend on the circumstances of a particular case. Perhaps people in different stages of the manufacturing process would face different penalties if convicted of manufacturing, but they would all start at roughly the same place with respect to these charges and therefore warrant immediate contact with an experienced Maryland drug manufacturing attorney.


There are defenses available in criminal cases like someone performing these acts against their will, but those would have more to do with the mens rea or intent associated with the drug manufacture process than anything else. Those can be issues raised in a courtroom by a Maryland drug manufacturing attorney when the matter actually goes to the court system.

Working with an Attorney

A drug manufacturing attorney in Maryland can help in many different ways. One primary way is to work to reduce the actual charges themselves from felony charges, for example, to misdemeanor charges. This would reduce the statutory maximum penalty. Often, an attorney can also work to assist a judge in determining an appropriate penalty. For example, a person’s lack of prior criminal history can be relevant in arguing for a lesser penalty.