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Silver Spring Criminal Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges in Silver Spring, Maryland? If so, it’s important to make informed, proactive decisions throughout the criminal proceedings. By working with a Silver Spring criminal lawyer, you can tap into the legal resources and experience that can make a big difference in the trajectory of your case.

Our Silver Spring criminal defense attorneys use familiarity with local procedures, fellow attorneys, and court staff to help you make smart decisions and mount an effective defense strategy throughout your case. Call our law offices today for your free initial consultation.

Criminal Charges in Silver Spring

Due to its large population and proximity to the District of Columbia, Silver Spring and the high-traffic roads and highways that run through it experience a heightened police presence. In addition, relative to other municipalities in Montgomery County, Silver Spring experiences a fairly high arrest rate.

Our Practice Areas

A person in Silver Spring can be arrested and charged with many different crimes. Our Attorneys defend a number of these criminal charges in Silver Spring. Some of these charges may include:

As in the rest of Montgomery County, Part I crimes consist of the seven major felonies, including murder, rape, and robbery.  However, criminal charges in Silver Spring typically fall under either misdemeanor criminal cases or traffic violations. Regardless of the nature of the charges you may be facing, working with experienced legal counsel is critical throughout your case.

If you have been charged with one of these crimes or a different charge, you must contact a criminal attorney in Silver Spring who is aware of the ins and outs of the Montgomery County Court system and can act as an effective advocate for your case.

The Courthouse in Silver Spring, MD

A Silver Spring criminal lawyer has experience defending clients in the Silver Spring Court located at 8552 2nd Ave. The L. Leonard Ruben District Court of Maryland primarily handles traffic cases, civil cases not exceeding $25,000, and landlord/tenant law. The courthouse is located 700 feet from the Silver Spring Metro Station, making it easy to access through public transportation in the area. Nearby parking includes two large garages, the Cameron-Second Garage and Bonifant-Dixon Garage. Both of these lots are within a quarter mile of the building.  If you would rather take public transportation, you can take the red line metro to Silver Spring. From there the courthouse is only a short distance away.

Contact an Experienced Silver Spring Criminal Attorney

Our Silver Spring criminal lawyers can stand by your side from the very beginning of the legal process. We understand the impact that these charges can have on your future. Our attorneys have built relationships with the prosecutors and judges at the Silver Spring Court that may be beneficial to drafting a defense, negotiating a plea, or working to get your charges dismissed.

If you have any questions relating to the charges or the legal process, our criminal defense practice group can help. The friendly legal team at our firm is waiting to receive your call and set up your free initial consultation.