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Frederick County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Frederick County has an absolute speed limit law meaning someone can get pulled over and issued a speeding ticket for driving any amount over the speeding limit. To contest a speeding charge in Frederick County, a person should contact a Frederick County speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible. They can pay the ticket online without appearing in court, but doing so is an admission of guilt which means having the counsel of a speeding ticket attorney is preferable to avoid any points on their driving record.

Defending a Speeding Offense

Law enforcement takes speeding in Frederick County seriously. An officer who pulls a driver over for speeding will show that they are trained and certified in the method used to record the speed of the driver’s vehicle. Additionally, they will show that the equipment used to record that individual’s speed was calibrated and fully functioning at the time of the citation.
Essentially, disputes regarding the driver’s speed will generally involve the word of the driver against the word of the officer, unless the driver is able to defend against the device or method used by the officer. However, when an officer uses equipment such as a radar device, the calculated speed is difficult to defend against.
However difficult, there are ways that an experienced attorney can combat such a charge. Therefore, if you have been legally cited for speeding, a Frederick County speeding ticket lawyer can assist in reducing or dismissing any penalties associated with the charge.

Prepaying Speeding Tickets

An individual is not required to appear in court for a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets are payable citations, meaning that the person to whom the ticket was issued may pay the listed fine amount without appearing at a hearing.
A person can prepay a speeding ticket in Frederick County. However, if an individual chooses to do so, the points associated with the citation will automatically be assessed to their driver’s record. The only way an individual may challenge such points is by requesting a waiver hearing or trial. However, an individual must either pay the required fine or request a hearing within 30 days of the ticket being issued.


A speeding citation will list the alleged speed that the officer believes the driver was traveling as well as the posted speed limit in the location in which they were cited. A speeding citation will also include the driver’s contact, license, and vehicle information, which they should confirm is accurate and up-to-date.


An out-of-state driver should hire a Frederick County speeding ticket lawyer for their charges who can request a hearing to contest the citation and appear on the driver’s behalf at the scheduled court hearing. With this representation, the out-of-state driver will not be required to travel back to Maryland in order to contest the citation.

Working with an Attorney

Frederick County traffic cases can be challenging because an attorney cannot guarantee the result of a traffic case before that case is heard. This is because such cases are generally dependent upon a number of factors, including the various aspects of the case, the assigned judge, and the involvement of the officer who issued the citation in court proceedings.

A Frederick County speeding ticket lawyer will understand the local laws and will use their experience to help their client achieve the best possible outcome after their speeding charge in Frederick County. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Frederick County will have handled a variety of moving violations. Such an attorney is best suited to pursue their client’s interests and will be able to provide guidance on the basis of an extensive knowledge of Frederick County.

Frederick County Speeding Ticket Lawyer