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Ellicott City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is intimidating because the criminal justice system is complex. This system has a confusing set of rules. In this situation, contacting an Ellicott City criminal defense lawyer can be your first step in protecting your rights and building a strong defense strategy for your case. En Español

Choosing an attorney who is dedicated to his clients is important. No matter the charge or potential crime, the attorneys you pick must handle your case with discretion and work to build the strongest defense possible.

Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony, it is crucial to hire a lawyer with experience. They must have the appropriate knowledge to defend against your specific charge, which can include:


Ellicott City Criminal Convictions

A conviction for a Maryland crime carries severe penalties: these can include fines, probation, and incarceration. A qualified Ellicott City criminal attorney understands that in addition to legal consequences, criminal records affect your family and personal relationships, educational opportunities, and employment prospects. Losing immigration status, security clearance, and custody of children are all possible outcomes of such convictions – and they may last a lifetime.

To begin dealing with the charges against you, speak with a defense lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested, or as soon as you suspect you are being investigated. Our team will see that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the process, and his or her early involvement may help you avoid costly mistakes, such as saying the wrong things to police and investigators.

Work With an Ellicott City Criminal Attorney

If you are charged with a crime in Ellicott City, your case will most likely be heard at the Ellicott City District Court, located at 3451 Courthouse Drive. Click here to learn more about Howard County courthouses.

With a qualified Ellicott City criminal defense lawyer handling your case, you have can have the peace of mind know that your rights are protected and your side of the story gets heard in court. Call for a free initial consultation today.