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Rockville Criminal Lawyer

Getting arrested or learning you are under criminal investigation can be a terrifying experience. Whether you were pulled over after having too much to drink or investigators came to your house with a warrant and seized your computer, you need a strong and seasoned defense attorney to guide you.

A Rockville criminal lawyer could be your ally through the entire ordeal, from initial contact with law enforcement to the final resolution of the case. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about how we could offer guidance in your specific circumstances.

Early Representation Makes a Difference

Sometimes in the shock, fear, or embarrassment of an initial encounter with law enforcement, an alleged suspect is reluctant to reach out for help. They may be sure the whole thing is a misunderstanding or something they could handle alone. Such feelings are understandable but misguided.

The system and laws that apply to these situations are complex, and your rights could be taken advantage of if you are not well-prepared or trained in this area of law. Having the guidance of a trusted Rockville attorney with experience handling defense cases for criminal charges could help ensure that individuals do not inadvertently do or say anything that may incriminate them or otherwise harm their case. Some of the charges we have helped our clients fight include:

Exercising the right to remain silent and have an attorney present are two of the most important things anyone can do to defend themselves from false accusations. Our team will listen to an accused’s story, understand how they see the events in question, and fight tenaciously on their behalf.

A Criminal Defender Could Investigate and Challenge Evidence

As a criminal case progresses, the defense learns what evidence the prosecutor possesses. They will review police reports and other information the prosecution turns over. A Rockville attorney could scrutinize the material to ensure that law enforcement did not violate an individual’s rights during the criminal investigation or arrest.

For example, if an arrest resulted from a traffic stop, police must have had a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. If officers searched the vehicle, they needed a warrant or probable cause to do so. If the police work was sloppy on these points, a defense attorney could file a motion asking a judge to suppress the evidence.

Additionally, when law enforcement conducts investigations of certain financial and sex crimes, they often monitor suspects’ cell phones and computer activity. They must have a court order, subpoena, or warrant to do so, depending on what information they seek. A legal professional could review these authorizations and ensure they were obtained in accordance with the law and properly executed.

Resolving Criminal Charges in the Most Favorable Way Possible

An appropriate resolution to a criminal case depends on the charge, the evidence, and, most importantly, the accused’s goals. The intention is always to convince a prosecutor to enter a nolle prosequi under Maryland Rule 4-247. Nolle prosequi, sometimes called a nol pros or np, means the prosecutor will not pursue the charge. However, sometimes a complete dismissal of all charges is not possible.

In an appropriate criminal case, a determined Rockville attorney could represent a defendant at trial and force the prosecutor to prove each element of the charges they brought. In many cases, going to trial is an appropriate strategy, but it could require significant time to schedule and hold a trial. Some individuals prefer to settle a matter before trial through a plea bargain or entry into a diversion program. A savvy legal representative could determine which strategy is best for the situation at hand and negotiate an appropriate resolution with prosecutors.

Trust a Rockville Criminal Attorney to Handle Your Case

When you are arrested, the subject of a criminal investigation, or suspect you may attract the attention of law enforcement, contact a Rockville criminal lawyer immediately. An accused individual usually has more options for resolving the matter when a legal professional gets involved in a case early.

Do not try to manage a criminal matter without a seasoned advocate by your side. Call now to speak with our team.

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Mr. Arora will ensure that you recieve the very best legal representation possible. Highly professional, intelligent, and reliable. His confidence and knowledge helped ease the stress of the proceedings, and his defense got me the absolute best possible outcome.

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