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Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you are arrested for a federal sex crime, you face serious charges that could land you in prison for years to come. In addition, you may have to register with a sex offender’s registry. Sex offenses prosecuted at the federal level are almost all classified as felonies. If you are facing such charges, please contact a Maryland federal sex crimes lawyer today.

Sex Crimes Tried on a Federal Level

Certain sex crimes are considered so serious that they are tried on a federal level rather than a state level. These crimes include:

These are only a few examples of federal sex crimes Maryland offenders may be charged with. Offenders usually face federal charges if they engage in sex trafficking or any crime involving molestation or exploitation of children or teenagers.

Consequences of Federal Sex Crimes

Being convicted of a federal sex crime brings serious, long-lasting consequences. Some of the repercussions of these types of crimes include:

  • Time in federal prison with a minimum mandatory sentence
  • Having to register on national and state sex offender registries
  • Being required to go to a center for the mentally ill or another treatment program for sex addicts and other people with mental illnesses related to sexual behavior.

Having to register on sex offender registries is particularly problematic. Sex offenders are often denied housing or employment, and it is illegal for them to live or work near elementary schools or other places where there are large groups of children. They also have to re-register with the federal and state registries every time they move. In addition, there have been cases of violence against them by neighbors who discover they are listed on the registry, especially if they were convicted of any form of child sex abuse. For this reason, it is very important you consult a Maryland federal sex crimes lawyer.

Maryland Registration Rules

Maryland keeps its own records of what sex offenders are within its borders, as do most states. In addition to registering on the national registry, all convicted sex offenders must register on the Maryland registry (Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services’ sex offender website).

A 2013 court case, however, set the precedent that people who were convicted prior to Maryland’s sex offender registration law do not have to register. The reason for this is the court’s determination that it was unconstitutional to apply the sex crime registration law retroactively. Thus, if a person was convicted of a sex crime prior to the requirement that he or she registers, he or she cannot be compelled to register in the state of Maryland.

Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you are arrested for a federal sex crime in the state of Maryland, it is vital that you get an attorney who is extremely familiar with these types of cases. Some of the most common defenses to federal sex crime charges include:

  • Questioning the credibility of your accuser. If there are grounds to question whether your accuser is telling the truth — for example, if you are involved in a bitter custody dispute and your ex-partner suddenly claims you molested your children — your attorney can raise doubts about his or her credibility.
  • Suppression of illegally obtained evidence.
  • Demonstrating that young witnesses have been unduly influenced or prompted to levy untrue accusations of sexual abuse. Young children are impressionable, so if there’s any evidence that a parent or other authority figure has convinced them to testify against you, an attorney may use this in your defense.

Even if none of these defenses apply, it’s still to your benefit to have an attorney who is familiar with sex crimes cases. Your attorney can help get charges reduced or get you a shorter sentence than you otherwise would. Some Maryland attorneys also help ex-convicts get their names removed from sex offender registries after a certain period of time.
If you’ve been charged with a federal sex crime in Maryland, contact a Maryland federal sex crimes lawyer today for more information.

Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer
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