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If you’re accused of a crime, make a call to an Ocean City criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Everyone deserves a strong defense and legal advice when faced with criminal charges, and you have the right to have an advocate on your side if you are being prosecuted. A criminal attorney in Ocean City who has experience with criminal cases can help you to explore your options, fight for a not guilty verdict, or work hard to reduce criminal charges.

How an Ocean City Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

You deserve a strong defense and an advocate who is on your side as a prosecutor attempts to get you convicted. An Ocean City criminal lawyer can provide an explanation of all of your options for responding to the criminal charges and will be there to help you do everything possible to get a not guilty verdict. Remember, you do not have to prove you were innocent – it is enough to introduce reasonable doubt.
The approach to your case is going to vary depending upon the kinds of evidence the prosecutor has and the type of charges you are facing. Your Ocean City criminal attorney can help you find the right defenses to raise so you can try to convince a jury not to convict. To learn more and to get help from a knowledgeable legal professional who is passionate about fighting for the rights of the accused, contact an Ocean City criminal lawyer today.

Criminal Laws in Ocean City

No matter what criminal offense you have been accused of, your rights include:

  • The right to a fair trial.
  • The right to “Plead the Fifth,” and not incriminate yourself.
  • The right to confront your accuser.
  • The right to due process and a speedy trial.
  • The right to be free from illegal search in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • The right to be found not guilty if a prosecutor is unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime you have been accused of.

There are hundreds of different behaviors that are illegal in Ocean City Maryland. Criminal acts range from minor crimes like disorderly conduct or driving under the influence (DUI) to offenses that serious penalties are imposed for, like rape or felony theft.
The Maryland Criminal Code has full details on all of the different behaviors that are illegal in Ocean City.  The criminal lawyers with our firm can help clients who have been charged under any section of the Maryland Criminal Code, for crimes including:

Unfortunately, many innocent people end up not having their rights respected and can be found guilty of committing a crime because of overly aggressive prosecution and misleading evidence.  There is never a guarantee of the outcome of any criminal case, so you need to make informed choices when you respond to charges to try to keep yourself from being convicted.  An Ocean City criminal lawyer can be your advocate and your guide to protecting your rights and navigating the criminal justice system.

Penalties for Ocean City Criminal Offenses

The penalties for Ocean City criminal offenses are different for each particular crime. Some possible consequences of a conviction include:

  • A criminal record, which can impact employment, student loan opportunities, and eligibility for federal benefits.
  • Jail time, which can range from a few days in a local jail to decades in prison.
  • Probation, which can impose significant restrictions on freedom.
  • Fines, which can have a crippling impact on finances.
  • Required counseling for alcohol, drugs, and anger management.
  • The loss of the right to bear arms
  • A restraining order or order of protection.
  • The suspension or revocation of a license to drive.

The penalties depend upon the type of offense, as well as any past criminal record. Maryland sentencing guidelines provide voluntary guidance to Circuit Courts when sentencing defendants in Ocean City. While judges can deviate from these guidelines, they are a common tool in determining what penalties are imposed after conviction.

An Ocean City criminal lawyer can work very hard to help you minimize the penalties associated with your charges. If you are worried about going to court, your attorney can also help you to negotiate a plea deal so you can face the minimum penalties possible for the conviction of a crime.