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Worcester County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal violation in Worcester County, or if you are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation in this area, your first priority after being arrested should be to enlist the help of an experienced Worcester County criminal lawyer that can help you build a strong defense for your case. There are many types of criminal charges ranging in severity from basic misdemeanors to serious felonies. Examples of these include but are not limited to assault, battery, drug paraphernalia, gun charges, fraud, murder, harassment, conspiracy, driving under the influence, and embezzlement. Some of these charges are the product of routine traffic stops. Should you be pulled over, you should cooperate with the police, but you are not obligated to make any statements beyond stating your name and providing identification.
If you are contacted by an Assistant State’s Attorney or detective regarding your involvement in a criminal matter, it is highly recommended that you seek the counsel of a Worcester County criminal attorney before making any statements that could potentially be used against you. Being aware of your rights is a vital step in preventing self-incrimination. The best way to make sure that you have a complete grasp about the charges you face and any potentials penalties that could accompany a conviction is to schedule a free consultation with a Worcester criminal attorney.
Your criminal case will likely be heard at the Worcester County District Courthouse, located at 301 Commerce Street in Snow Hill, Maryland. In order to ensure the best possible outcome in your criminal case, you should enlist an experienced Worcester County Defense Attorney who can best handle your criminal case and protect your rights.
If a criminal charge has been levied against you or if you feel like charge is on the horizon in any Worcester County towns – Girdletree, Berlin, Ocean City, Germantown, Bishopville, Pocomoke City, Newark, Stockton, Showell, Whaleyville, West Ocean City, Ocean Pines, Boxiron, Cedartown, Friendship, Snow Hill, Goodwill, Klej Grange, Libertytown, Nassawango Hills, Poplartown, Public Landing, Sinnepuxent, South Point, Taylorville or Whiteon please contact us as soon as possible to see if we can help you in your defense.
If you have been charged with a crime and you must appear before a judge, it could help you feel more comfortable to have some information about the courthouse and its surrounding area before you have to make a trip. Find helpful information about the Worcester County Courthouse, from addresses to dining options.

Worcester Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Being questioned about your involvement in a crime can be a frightening experience.  Whether or not you had any part in the criminal activity, being a suspect is a precarious situation.  If police question you about a crime in Worcester County, the first thing you should do is protect your right to remain silent.  Next, contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible.
When you hire an attorney with our firm, they will help you navigate the complex legal process, which could include not only questioning, but also an arrest, criminal charges, and a trial. The attorneys with our firm that handle cases in Worcester all have expertise to defend clients against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, including assault, sex crimes, drug offenses, gun charges, theft, domestic violence, and homicide.  If you are charged with these or any other crime, speak with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible to begin outlining your options for the best possible defense and for a positive outcome to your case.
Misdemeanors and felonies alike carry penalties of fines, jail or prison sentences, and other mandates and restrictions that impact your freedom.  A qualified lawyer will help you understand the possible consequences of conviction and will help you identify any alternatives.  From arranging a plea to a lesser charge to aggressively defending your innocence at trial, your attorney will utilize all available skill and resources to help you avoid unnecessary consequences. You will want a defense attorney by your side who is familiar with the local courts of Worcester County and who is an practitioner of criminal law.
Our attorneys are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced, providing the resources necessary for successful defense. Because of the unique nature of Ocean City, being a vacation town, it sees a different set of crimes that are typically prosecuted. That could make going through the judicial system here a different experience than trying to go through a Maryland court in other areas. Our attorneys have been through trials and understand the nuances and challenges that could lie in your path. When you retain our services, we can use our knowledge to help you get a positive result in your case.

Worcester County Courthouse

Worcester County Circuit Court is located at One West Market Street in Snow Hill, Maryland. There is a municipal parking lot across the street and parking is free, but this lot fills quickly, so it might be a good idea to arrive early for your court appearance.  Street parking is free but limited, and the streets around the courthouse are pretty narrow. There is restaurant, The Palette, which is only one block away on Green Street. Cell phones are not permitted in Worcester County Circuit Court. Worcester County District Court has two locations.
The Worcester County District Courthouse in Snow Hill, Maryland is located at 301 Commerce Street. This location has a good amount of free parking. The Palette located on Green Street is the only dining option in the area. The Ocean City location for Worcester District Court, is located at 6505 Coastal Highway. There is ample free parking at this location, so there is no need to worry about this aspect of your court appearance. In Ocean City, Maryland, there are endless eating options from fast food to upscale seafood restaurants. Ocean City also has a popular and cheap ($1 all day pass) bus system.  In both Worcester County District Courthouses, cell phones are not allowed inside.

Driving Directions to Snow Hill District Court

301 Commerce Street Snow Hill, MD 21863 From Route 50 proceed east through Salisbury. Pass the Shopper’s World shopping mall (on right) and take exit for Norfolk South. Proceed to the Snow Hill Route 12 exit. Turn left at the stop sign and proceed 15 miles, crossing Pocomoke River Bridge. Turn right onto River Street to Commerce Street. Court location is on the left.

Parking at Snow Hill District Court

There is parking in front of the building.

Snow Hill District Court Clerk

M. Carol Llewellyn-Jones 410-219-7830

Driving Directions to Ocean City District Court

6505 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842 From Route 50 proceed east toward Salisbury/Ocean City Exit. Right off 50 to take Route 90 entrance to Ocean City. After crossing bridge, take left at stop light onto Coastal Highway. Stay in left lane t turn at next stop light (65th Street). Well marked – large District Court sign at end of Street. Proceed down street – District Court Building on right.


There is parking in front of the building.

Driving Directions to Circuit Court

One West Market Street P. O. Box 40 Snow Hill, Maryland 21863 From Berlin, MD

  • Route 113 South to Snow Hill Route 113 Business Exit to the right.
  • Proceed on Market Street (pass Mc Donald’s and Dollar General on the left) and continue to the traffic light. (Courthouse at intersection of Market and Washington Streets.)
  • Turn right onto Washington Street.
  • Go one block, turn right onto Green Street. Municipal parking lot is on the left.

From Pocomoke, MD

  • Route 113 North to Snow Hill Rt. 113 Business Exit. Exit to the left.
  • Proceed on Market Street (pass Snow Hill Nursing Home and Byrd Park on the left) and continue to the traffic light. (Courthouse at the intersection of Market and Washington Streets.)
  • Turn left onto Washington Street.
  • Go on block, turn right onto Green Street.

From Salisbury, MD

  • Take US 50/13 Bypass around Salisbury
  • Continue past the exit for Ocean City (near mile marker 36) to the Maryland Rt. 12 exit (near mile marker 32).
  • Turn left at the end of the ramp, and follow Rt. 12 approximately 15 miles to Snow Hill.
  • One block before the traffic light, turn left onto Green Street.
  • Courthouse is at the traffic light at the intersection of Market and Washington Streets.

Parking at Circuit Court

Municipal parking lot is around corner of courthouse.

Circuit Court Clerk

Stephen V. Hales 410-632-5500