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Wicomico County Criminal

Wicomico County criminal penalties vary depending on a variety of circumstances, including the defendant’s criminal history and the amount of evidence the Wicomico prosecutor has gathered.  When you retain a Wicomico criminal attorney with Kush Arora Attorney at Law, they can fully explain what penalties you may be facing, but the most common are fines, jail sentences and community service.  Wicomico criminal charges include misdemeanors, such as DUI, petty theft and reckless driving, or felonies including homicide, manslaughter, and burglary.
Because criminal charges and the laws that govern them can be complex, it could be difficult for you to fully understand what type of charges you are facing and what the penalties could be if you are convicted. Our attorneys are ready to handle your defense, and that includes answering any questions you might have about the law and how it will affect you. Take advantage of our free consultation to get answers to any questions you might have about your case.
No two cases will ever proceed through the judicial system along an identical path. There are always unique challenges and obstacles that lie in the way of a resolution in any charge. Our attorneys have experience representing hundreds of clients against criminal charges, and that experience will come in handy as they build a strategy for your defense. Allow us to use our wealth of knowledge on your behalf. Contact us today.
Most misdemeanors are tried at the Wicomico District Court located at 201 Baptist Street in Salisbury.  More serious criminal offenses, including most felonies, are heard at the Wicomico Circuit Court 101 North Division Street in Salisbury.  The Wicomico criminal justice system can be confusing to anyone who is new to it, which is why an experienced Wicomico criminal lawyer can be a huge asset. We have provided a page of Wicomico courthouse information for your convenience here.

Wicomico Criminal Lawyer

We are a full service firm that offers representation against all types of criminal matters.  With attorneys in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, we can help you fight any criminal charge you may be facing.  For a free phone consultation with a qualified attorney that will be able to handle your defense completely, please call our offices at (410) 441-5400.
If you have been charged with a criminal violation in any of the towns that make up Wicomico County – Fruitland, Salisbury, Delmar, Hebron, Mardela Springs, Pittsville, Sharptown, Willards, Allen, Bivalve, Nanticoke, Parsonsburg, Powellville, Quantico, Tyaskin or Whitehaven – please contact us to find out how a Wicomico criminal lawyer could help you have your charges reduced, or perhaps have the case dropped completely.

Salisbury Criminal Lawyer

A criminal conviction can jeopardize your family, education, and professional prospects.  If you are charged with a crime in Salisbury Maryland, a skilled Salisbury criminal lawyer can protect your legal rights, helping you avoid criminal conviction whenever possible.  When a dismissal of charges is not possible, your Salisbury criminal attorney can help minimize the impact through negotiating sentencing options and plea agreements, often successfully arranging for a plea to a lesser charge.
The highly skilled defense attorneys with our firm have extensive experience defending the people of Wicomico County and Salisbury University students against criminal charges.  Our Salisbury criminal lawyers handle a full spectrum of criminal cases, defending clients charged with misdemeanor and felony acts. Our attorneys represent clients and Salisbury University students charged with drug possession and distribution; simple assault and aggravated assault; robbery, armed robbery, burglary, and theft; gun and weapons violations; reckless driving; DUI/DWI; rape and sexual assault; manslaughter and murder.
Individuals charged with these or any other crimes in Salisbury or on the Salisbury University campus need expert legal defense to help them avoid fines, restrictions, and jail time.
If you have been charged with a crime in Salisbury, your case will be heard at the Wicomico County District Court, located at 201 Baptist Street in Salisbury MD.  A qualified Salisbury criminal lawyer understands not only the complexities of the legal system, but also the subtle nuances and predispositions of the local courts.  This understanding and experience allows your Salisbury criminal attorney to tailor your defense for the best possible outcome. Our criminal lawyers in Salisbury have the substantial knowledge and resources to successfully defend your case. If you are a student of Salisbury University, you have much more on the line with a potential conviction than a typical criminal defendant. You could lose your enrollment to school with a conviction, and that could have some serious negative impact on your life as you move forward. Don’t take any chances with your representation against the charges that you face.
If you are at risk of incarceration and losing educational opportunities, contact us as soon as possible to make sure that you are receiving a strong defense in your case. If you are seeking information or representation regarding criminal charges in Virginia, please take a moment to visit the website for Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law.

Wicomico County Criminal