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Maryland Drug Distribution Lawyer

Drug distribution is a serious offense in Maryland because the crime is not just one that an individual might be committing by themselves, as would be the case with a simple possession, but rather one that would cause harm to the community around them.

If you are facing distribution charges in Maryland, it is important for you to begin your defense as soon as possible with the help of a Maryland drug distribution attorney. A drug attorney will be essential in helping you maintain a positive outcome in your case.

What are Aggravating Factors?

Aggravating factors in Maryland drug distribution cases that would enhance penalties might be a person’s criminal history and the kind of drug that they were distributing. It will be important to understand which schedule of the drug was in the case, whether it was a drug like marijuana or a drug like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, which are more addictive and dangerous.

Any representation that can be made in court about possible deaths resulting from the drugs the person was selling would also be an aggravating factor. Fentanyl, for example, is becoming a very serious problem with respect to heroin overdose throughout the state of Maryland. These types of issues would be relevant to a prosecutor and a Maryland drug distribution lawyer in a distribution case.

Investigating Distribution

In a drug distribution case in Maryland, an officer might have found a large amount of a drug or paraphernalia with the drugs broken down, all of which indicates to the officer that there was a potential distribution.
The actual distribution of drugs is different because an officer would have actually witnessed the drugs being distributed. In this situation, officers might be using wiretaps for sting operations to set up potential drug dealers. There are issues associated with the constitutionality of those set ups, and that will be extremely important with respect to how a prosecutor would prove a drug distribution case.


Generally speaking, in sting operations where undercover police officers might be purchasing drugs from a drug distributor, the officers would then come to court to testify about that. Perhaps those setups were also video recorded or audio recorded. Those are the most common kinds of evidence that Maryland drug distribution lawyers see in distribution cases.

Which Elements are Contested at Trial? 

Elements highly contested at trial will be matters such as whether a piece of evidence was gathered in a constitutional manner. Officers need a warrant to have wiretaps set up in a person’s home, place of business, or vehicle, or to have a GPS tracking device put on their car or some other mode of transportation.

If the warrant was not constitutionally sought or executed, there would be certain motions that a drug distribution attorney in Maryland could file in an effort to try to get that particular evidence suppressed in court.

Contacting an Attorney

A person should look for a drug distribution defense attorney in Maryland who is experienced in handling constitutional issues with the court system. It would be helpful to have an attorney with knowledge of the judges and their interpretation and understanding of constitutional principles to help ensure they receive the most favorable outcome for their case.

Maryland Drug Distribution Lawyer