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Montgomery County Minor DUI Lawyer

Drivers should never be under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel, but the regulations for minors are even more strict than for an adult. For a minor, a blood alcohol content of just 0.02 could be enough to establish guilt in a DUI case. Essentially, any presence of alcohol in a person’s system at that age is enough to constitute a violation of the law.

Driving under the influence charges against a minor usually have jurisdiction in the juvenile court system as opposed to the criminal court. A Montgomery County minor DUI lawyer could represent a defendant throughout the criminal justice process and work to mitigate potential penalties.

How Prosecutors and Judges Treat Minor DUIs

A minor DUI case is heard in the circuit court or in the juvenile division of the circuit court. Prosecutors and judges in Montgomery County treat minor DUI cases extremely seriously because two laws are at issue in each case: The defendant is both consuming alcohol while underage and endangering others by driving under the influence. The combined offenses raise concerns for the court about the defendant’s level of supervision, whether they have addiction issues, and what kind of help they need.

The juvenile division is a court system that does not necessarily act like a court system. Instead, juvenile court acts as more of a disciplinary system for juveniles to make sure they get the necessary services and have access to facilities to help them have a healthy childhood or adolescence. The goal of juvenile court is to eliminate behaviors that cause concern about criminal activity that could follow them into their adult years.

During a juvenile hearing, commentary is provided by the prosecutor and other agents of the court who conduct investigations into the child’s family life, their academic history, and other background information. The objective is to ensure that underlying issues that led to the behavior are dealt with properly.

Important Steps Following a DUI Charge

The first thing that an individual should do after they receive a DUI is to speak to an attorney. Especially when the person is a minor, the consequences associated with a DUI can be very serious, so legal representation may be essential.

Frequently, the evidence that the prosecutors possess is insufficient to support a proper DUI prosecution. Under those circumstances, it is important to have an attorney who may follow up with the prosecutors on discovery and evidence to find opportunities to win the case. An attorney may also prepare the client for all possible collateral consequences and make the best presentation at trial or in mitigation to have charges or the sentence reduced.

Hiring the Right Minor DUI Attorney

A Montgomery County minor DUI Lawyer could properly handle a case by requesting discovery, finding the best avenues for defense, and making sure their client’s record is properly sealed at the time appropriate for the particular case.

In addition, an attorney may prepare the individual for court by getting them into the right treatment programs. The attorney could identify the judge involved to determine how they might look favorably upon their client whether they can show the judge how seriously the defendant takes the offense.

Montgomery County Minor DUI Lawyer