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Montgomery County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Under the system of laws in the United States, a person must be innocent until he has been proven to be guilty of a crime. Unfortunately, if you are accused of a sex crime, you may feel as though this long-standing legal norm has been reversed, as though you are “guilty until proven innocent.” The reaction from those in your professional and personal life – even, perhaps, from family and friends – may leave you feeling ostracized and isolated.  However, you do not have to face your charge alone.  Regardless of the nature of your case, a Montgomery County sex crimes lawyer with Kush Arora Attorney at Law will advocate for you throughout the legal process and fight to minimize the impact of criminal charges on your future.

Because society views sex crimes (i.e., child pornography or rape) to be among the most heinous of all offenses, those who are convicted often face penalties similar in severity to violent crimes (i.e., homocide). In addition, once someone has been accused of such a crime, there can be lifelong social consequences even in the event of an acquittal. For the sake of your freedom and your reputation, it is absolutely essential to hire an attorney with enough experience to handle delicate sex crime cases in Montgomery County. Only an experienced attorney can thoroughly understand the relevant statutes and craft a successful legal strategy for your defense. Though it is a form of criminal defense, these sorts of cases are unique.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Typically, these kinds of cases will be handled by veteran prosecutors with extensive experience in this area of the law. This is one reason why it is crucial to have a seasoned defense attorney with his or her own experience.
  • There is often a serious lack of evidence in cases such as these. The verdict is often based solely on the statements between the two parties involved. This is why it is important to have a legal professional who can thoroughly consider every statement made both inside and outside of court to see whether there are any discrepancies to pick up on.
  • Though hearsay usually is not admissible in court, there are several exceptions here that the prosecutor can implement. However, it is possible to thwart those efforts with the proper defenses.
  • Jurors instinctively want to believe those who claim to be victims of sex crimes, especially when the alleged victims are children.
  • Finally, it is common for the police to administer sting calls to try and trick defendants into making statements that seem incriminating. The recorded statements will contain facts from which the prosecution will attempt to draw out certain forms of incriminating evidence. While these can be combated, the legal advice provided by an attorney can prevent their admittance in the first place.

Sometimes, we have clients who have made several mistakes once they have been accused. We realize that most people, especially those with no history of being accused of a crime, do not know how to respond to a criminal charge, especially one as seriously-regarded as a sex offense. Unfortunately, it is often true that the defendant can inadvertently provide some evidence to law enforcement. However, our team can still overcome this obstacle.

Work With a Montgomery County Sex Crimes Attorney

Those who have been accused of a sex crime in Maryland will need to heed a certain amount of advice. First and foremost, never speak with law enforcement until you have hired your attorney. You are not obligated to speak to anybody by law at any point during the process. This is also true if any kind of child services agency contacts you. You should not be coerced into talking to them for any reason.

Never try to contact the alleged victim, no matter what message you may have. It is likely that he or she has already spoken with local law enforcement and is prepared to preserve any text messages or record your phone calls. Do not respond if he or she tries to contact you, as the police may legally be listening in to find something to use against you.

Above all, do not lose out on hope even if you have already made a mistake; it is common for this to happen. A good lawyer fighting for you can mitigate the damage. Right now, you need to focus on getting the best Montgomery County criminal lawyer for the job. Call today.

Montgomery County Sex Crimes Lawyer