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Ocean City Protective Order Lawyer

As defined by Ocean City law, a protective order is an order that a judge puts in place to protect an alleged victim of domestic violence from the danger of the abuser assaulting them again. A protective order is unique in that the parties have to be in a relationship, such as husband-wife and boyfriend-girlfriend, or they have to be related by blood, like brother-sister and mom-dad. Also, there has to be a finding made that the person was placed in danger of an imminent assault or at risk and the only way to prevent that from happening in the future is for the court to grant a protective order. If you are the subject of a protective order, speak with a capable Ocean City protective order lawyer. A qualified domestic violence attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to ensure that your rights are protected.

Consequences of a Protective Order

A protective order is a complex order that could have a lot of negative consequences. Under Maryland law, if the person has a protective order against them, it means that they could be removed from their own home. They may have to find a different place to live. The court may go so far as to place an order as to when they are able to see their children if they have children in common with the petitioner. The court could establish emergency family maintenance, which means that the respondent has to pay a certain amount of money to the petitioner to make sure that the rent is paid and there is food in the house.

Under Maryland law, a respondent in a protective order may not possess a firearm, so they have to relinquish all of their firearms to the local Sheriff’s Department. Protective orders have a lot of peace. There are not a lot of different ways that a protective order could impact a person’s life and their livelihood besides dictating how the respondent has to live during the course of the protective order. An Ocean City protective order lawyer could ensure that individuals observe the conditions of the order so that they do not have to face criminal consequences for violating an order.

Types of Protective Orders

There are not various types of protective orders in Maryland, but there are subtopics in a protective order that may or may not apply to each case. The judge would go through all of the options and possible reliefs when deciding what to grant in a protective order. For example, a protective order could address the matter of children. Under a protective order, a party could temporarily receive custody of a child.

The protective order could also establish a visitation schedule as to when the respondent may have contact or visits with the children. Sometimes people are content with the protective order that says that the respondent should not have any violent contact with the petitioner. All that a person is asking for is that they just not have the respondent say or do anything that places them in harm’s way or is violent with the petitioner. That might be a good solution for people who still need to have contact with each other like individuals in the midst of the divorce. An Ocean City protective order lawyer could help an individual determine how to navigate that kind of order, under those specific circumstances.

No-Contact Orders

On the total opposite end of the spectrum are orders in which the respondent is told that they are to have absolutely no contact with the petitioner in any form or circumstances. This typically does not work for people who have children in common. If it is a situation in which there are no children involved, it could be the order that the court ends up imposing. There are a lot of different issues that a protective order could address, and if people have children together it almost turns into like a mini custody or mini divorce hearing.

Consulting an Ocean City Protective Order Attorney

If you want to know more about protective orders, consult a knowledgeable Ocean City protective order lawyer. A skilled domestic violence attorney could work tirelessly in an effort to preserve your rights. Speak with an experienced legal advocate today and know that you are in capable hands.

Ocean City Protective Order Lawyer