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Rockville Assault on An Officer Charges

Although it may still fall under the category of assault, APO charges in Rockville carry increasingly serious penalties including fines and jail time. Below is more on what you should know regarding assault on an officer charges, to learn more call and schedule a consultation with a Rockville assault lawyer today.

What Is ‘Assault On An Officer’ In Rockville, Maryland?

‘Assault on an Officer’ is a situation where there is either a threat of force or actual use of force against a police officer or other member of protected class.
These laws protect anyone who is considered to be part of a law enforcement agency such as the police, those who enforce public safety law, those who work for the prosecutor’s office, and those who work for the court system.

What Are Some Common Ways ‘Assault On An Officer’ Is Charged In Rockville?

‘Assault on a Police Officer’ is often charged when there is an actual injury to a police officer. Although this charge is under the same statute as second-degree assault charge on a civilian, it is a different kind of charge because the officer must have suffered some kind of injury, even if it is not permanent.
‘Assault on an Officer’ is a second degree charge that has an enhanced penalty and it is more serious than an assault on a civilian. For the prosecution to seek an enhanced penalty, they must show that there is an injury that the officer sustained.
‘Assault on an Officer’ typically occurs when an officer tries to place somebody under arrest and the person responds in a physically violent way. This causes the officer to sustain injuries which ultimately result in ‘Assault on a Police Officer’ charges.

Is ‘Assault On An Officer’ A Serious Charge In Rockville?

‘Assault on an Officer’ is a very serious charge in Rockville as well as in the entire state of Maryland because a second degree assault on an officer carries an enhanced penalty. This means that a person will be subjected to the same amount of maximum jail time of 10 years but may be subjected to higher penalties such as additional fines.
The courts tend to see charges of ‘Assault on a Police Officer’ as more serious because they are usually unprovoked. When an officer is acting in the line of duty, the courts are offended when an individual is uncooperative with the charging officer and reacts by assaulting the officer.

What Are The Penalties For An Assault On An Officer Charges In Rockville, Maryland?

If the prosecutor is able to demonstrate that the officer was assaulted and injured, the assault charge on a police officer will carry enhanced penalties, such as incarceration and up to a $5000 fine for a misdemeanor assault.
If the officer was assaulted under a felony assault statute, the penalty would be a maximum incarceration sentence of 25 years.

Is Probation Likely In These Cases?

If somebody is convicted in an ‘Assault on a Police Officer’ case, probation is guaranteed. The court will want to watch that individual in the community for a period of time. This is to ensure that they are no longer a danger to law enforcement or any other community members. Supervision is a likely scenario for someone sentenced with an ‘Assault on a Police Officer’ charge.

Rockville Assault on An Officer Charges