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Rockville Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you are facing serious rape or sexual assault allegations in Rockville or anywhere else in Montgomery County, call a Rockville sex crimes lawyer.  The attorneys at our firm understand the sensitive nature of sexual charges, and we have experience guiding clients through the legal process discretely and compassionately.

It’s important to remember that you have rights under federal and Maryland state law. Protect your rights by speaking with one of the criminal attorneys at our firm.

Why Work With An Experienced Attorney?

A sex crimes case requires a great deal of knowledge and experience about the procedure for these kinds of cases and how they work.
For example, in a sex crimes case understanding something called the rape shield law is very important in knowing how to successfully cross examine a state’s witness. The rape shield law is a law that essentially allows for certain types of evidence but does not allow for other types of evidence to be brought in by the defense in an effort to challenge the credibility of the victim of a sex related crime. This usually will not allow defense attorneys to go into specific instances of prior sexual conduct or the number of sexual partners that the victim might have had within certain parameters. There are ways that a sex crimes attorney can make the case provided these particular pieces of information are relevant and should be brought in as evidence to challenge the victim of a particular sex crime’s credibility.
A Rockville attorney who has a deep understanding and a thorough understanding of something like the rape shield law will be able to assist a defendant in preparing a successful cross examination of what would be the government’s star witness. Having a defense attorney who understands and has dealt with these particular types of criminal offenses on prior occasions is the only way to make sure that you have a successful defense for sexual crimes.

Sex Crimes Charges

You can be charged with a variety of different sex crimes in Rockville, but the most common types of sex crimes charges are different degrees of rape, different degrees of sexual offenses, and certain kinds of sex crimes that are associated with minors. Each sex crime carries varying degrees of punishments and warrants contact with a Rockville attorney as soon as possible.

Sexual Offenses Generally

A sexual offense is anything that somebody has done to another person that was not consensual and that in some way violated the other person’s sexual privacy. Sexual offenses range from first degree sexual offense all the way down to a fourth degree sexual offense. These are without the other party’s consent, they can range from over the clothes touching all the way to digital penetration.
In the cases of sexual offenses against minors, consent is not a defense and consent is not a requirement for the state to disprove in order to move forward, because the age itself makes the victim in a sexual offense somebody that cannot be capable of giving consent to another party that is a certain number of years older than them.

First Degree Rape

A first degree rape generally involves a rape that was accompanied by some kind of a threat of physical violence or harm or there is a use of a weapon. If a rape was committed against an individual who was threatened with some kind of harm or violence, it would generally be classified as a first degree rape.

Second Degree Rape

Second degree rape is simply a rape (which is a non-consensual sexual act of intercourse) that took place without the other party’s consent. While still a very serious crime, it is not as serious as first degree rape, and for that reason is not going to carry penalties that are quite as severe. However, second degree rape is still a felony charge—it is still extremely serious and carries with it the potential for significant prison time.

Possible Penalties for Sex Crimes Convictions

Conviction for first, second and third degree sex offenses, and rape in the first degree and rape in the second degree all require registration on a sex offender registry. In addition, individuals convicted of these very serious crimes can face extensive jail time.
A fourth degree sex offense (a misdemeanor offense) also carries registration requirements on the sex offender registry, but these not necessarily mandatory. If an individual who received a fourth degree sex offense charge granted probation before judgment by the court, he or she may not have to register on a sex offender registry because the charge was a misdemeanor and legislature allows for non-registry as long as the person was granted probation before judgment.

Call a Rockville Sex Crimes Attorney Today

The attorneys at our firm have experience facing tough sex crimes charges, and we know what it takes to put forth an effective defense in court.  By contacting a Rockville sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible, you can take a very important step toward protecting yourself from the negative consequences that come with a sex offense conviction. Call today and complete your free initial consultation.