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A Grateful Client

I was facing a 2nd degree attempted murder & 10 other accounts including first degree burglary, first degree assault and many others. I was facing over 75 years in prison. Dave was significantly different then all of the attorneys who came to visit me. Dave was very realistic about my case, and assured me that he would take care of me. I really liked that Dave didn’t give me ideas on what to do right away. Dave absorbed the information, and seemed very calculated. Dave did not let us down, his litigation skills are impeccable. During the bond revocation trial he proved that the main witness while on the stand, was lying. It was very clear to the judge and prosecutor that the accusations were false thanks to Dave’s litigation skills. Dave was able to get ALL the counts thrown out, and I just ended up with a PBJ for second degree assault. Dave was very organized, well prepared, and knowledgeable about my whole case. He showed extreme professionalism throughout the entire ordeal. He did an amazing job keeping me calm, and never set my expectations higher than reality. He always informed me about all possible scenarios throughout my whole case. I am EXTREMELY happy about what happened. He literally saved my life. Dave is absolutely worth the investment. I really can’t thank Dave enough and everyone else at his firm that helped with the investigation of the case. I would recommend Dave for ANY criminal case, he is worth the investment and will get the best possible result for you or a loved one.

An outstanding lawyer

From start to finish, Mr. Arora answered all my questions and helped me understand all my options and possible outcomes. He always answered my phone calls or returned them promptly. No complaints, an outstanding lawyer!

His Deportment and Disposition set a Positive Tone with the Judge

Mr. Arora did an outstanding job handling a very difficult case. I had never faced a legal issue in my entire life, and suddenly found myself facing 5 criminal charges, including a felony. I was fraught with emotion and Mr. Arora kept me calm and focused on the important issues, while not dismissing or ignoring the impact the situation was having on me. He always kept me informed of where we were in the process, what actions both he and the state were taking, and what it all meant. Through his experience, he knew that there would be ‘ups and downs’ associated with my case as it progressed, had an insight on the emotional effect it would have on me, and always addressed such issues. He leveraged his legal skills to drive five charges, including a felony, heading to trial, down to two misdemeanor charges addressed at a plea hearing, with favorable results. In court, he was smooth and articulate. His deportment and disposition set a positive tone with the judge. I hope I never need the services of a criminal attorney again, but if I do, Mr. Arora will be my first choice.

Received what I Believe to be the Best Outcome

I was satisfied with having received what I believe to be the best outcome due to Kush’s knowledge and preparation for my case. I was advised on all the things I needed to do before going to court, making my court date extremely successful and quick. I appreciated his willingness to explain everything step by step.

Knows his Area of Law

Mr. Arora not only knows his area of law, but is unusually sensitive and keen concerning the individual situation of his clients. The most memorable thing concerning our time together is not only Mr. Aurora’s competence – but his willingness to step outside a pre-defined box in his representation. Not only does this exemplify the right spirit concerning his profession, but it is this personal interest that connotes him as an exemplary employee.

Kept me Calm and Assured Throughout

Mr. Arora of the Price Benowitz Law firm responded very quickly to my initial inquiry regarding legal defense for my case. From day one, he provided me with absolutely superb and timely information. He responded promptly to all of my telephone calls, voicemails, text messages, and e-mails. He provided very clear explanations of every facet of the judicial process in non-legal language so that I was well informed. He kept me calm and assured throughout what was a very stressful experience. And he successfully negotiated with the prosecutor to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. All parties in the process, I believe, were satisfied and pleased with the outcome. I unequivocally and wholeheartedly would recommend Mt. Arora to anyone requiring competent defense counsel.

A Grateful Marine

I was facing a very serious charge of Sexual Assault. I was innocent of the charges from the beginning and facing very serious time for this. I had just gotten out of the Marines, and going through college and I knew this could ruin my future. I called a few offices, and Dave significantly stood out. I left him a voicemail, and his team got back to me almost immediately. I was a completely wreck when I spoke to him, but after my initial consultation Dave made me feel at ease and I knew something could be done. I wanted to fight this all the way, since the charges were completely false. He kept me in contact at all times with email or phone. He was very transparent with everything that was going on, and he was always just a phone call away. I had a few options on how to proceed, and I made the decision to take it to trial in front of a judge. Dave did an excellent job with the case and proved that there was no case at all. My charges were completely dropped – no probation, not “dismissed”, the verdict was- NOT GUILTY. He was absolutely worth the investment, and thanks to him I was able to graduate college and get a great job instead of spending time in jail for false allegations.

Extremely Personable and Very Responsive

I was in a position that afforded me privileged information. I had acted on that information and was panicked about the possible ramifications. Dave responded to my first inquiry that same day I reached out (over a holiday weekend none the less). We spoke and he leveraged his knowledge and expertise in the subject. He was very thorough to keep me informed of the status, but more so; was extremely personable and very responsive. He spoke with me as though we were old friends, something I’ve never seen or heard about from any attorney. Fortunately, nothing ever became of the concerns, but I knew I was in the best possible hands I could have found. If I or anyone I know is ever in need of a lawyer, I know exactly who to contact and I know with Dave, any outcome will be the most favorable anyone to ask for.