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Wicomico Traffic Lawyer

Whether you were ticketed for a civil or criminal traffic violation in the Salisbury area, a Wicomico traffic lawyer can assist you in navigating the legal maze surrounding your case. We have a running record of successful reduction and dismissal of traffic violation charges. Call an experienced lawyer in Wicomico to discuss the protection of your rights and privileges.

Our Wicomico traffic lawyers have years of experience discovering erroneous accusations and work hard to defend the rights of the accused. Driving is an important privilege and, depending on the time of year and your access to public transportation, driving in Maryland may not feel so much like a privilege as a necessity. This, along with fines, jail time, and criminal records are the possible penalties for often very subjective traffic situations.

How a Wicomico County Traffic Attorney Can Help

When you are accused of a traffic violation, whether it is speeding, reckless driving, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, or texting while driving, the decision is often your word against the word of the police officer. If you would prefer competent legal advice regarding your traffic offense, contact an experienced and resourceful criminal attorney in the Salisbury area. Our attorneys have defended many clients against license revocation, criminal charges, and fines—rest assured knowing you have an experienced Wicomico traffic lawyer on your team.

Civil and Criminal Traffic Charges in Maryland

A person is in violation of traffic laws in Maryland if he or she does not recognize that his or her own conduct (or choice) is an unjustifiable risk and grossly disregards the standard of care taken by a sensible driver.

However, since traffic violations are subjective accusations against you, we determine the best strategy for fighting a civil or criminal traffic penalty by reviewing the officer’s paperwork, listening to your story, and analyzing the subjective circumstance surrounding your case. Some of the defense strategies for fighting traffic charges, such as running a stop sign, texting while driving, or speeding, are as follows:

  • The subjective decision of the officer was inconclusive, based on the vantage point of the officer and other circumstantial evidence.
  • The officer did not observe the situation correctly by gathering witness statements, video surveillance, and other key evidence.
  • Your mistake was honest, beyond your control, or legally justified. This usually involves proving the officer was unaware of extenuating circumstances that caused you to disobey traffic laws, such as a swerving for debris in the road, vehicle malfunctions, etc.
  • You were avoiding a dangerous situation, such as colliding with merging traffic, avoiding aggressive drivers, etc.

In other words, the officer thought he or she witnessed you disobeying traffic laws, but it is determined only in a court of law and with the assistance of a knowledgeable Wicomico traffic lawyer whether you acted in a criminally negligent manner.

Contact an Experienced Legal Advocate

Our lawyers have experience handling a wide spectrum of traffic-related legal matters in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. When you choose to work with a Wicomico traffic lawyer with our firm, you can have confidence that our attorneys will give your defense the time and attention it deserves.  We can help you get back on the road again soon, so call today and conduct your free initial consultation.

Wicomico Traffic Lawyer