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Allegany County Criminal Attorney

The Allegany County Criminal attorney page has been formulated to serve as a guide for those facing the process of a criminal charge in Allegany County, Maryland. Once you receive a criminal charge, it is important to seek a criminal attorney in Allegany County as soon as possible. There are many types of criminal charges that could potentially be levied against you, including but not limited to, assault, reckless driving, DUI/DWI, drug distribution, drug possession, theft, conspiracy, murder, and fraud. These and the other possible criminal charges range in severity from misdemeanors to felonies, but being charged with a crime of any severity is serious and difficult to maneuver. In addition, the consequences of any criminal conviction (and thus a criminal record) can be difficulty getting a job, losing security clearance, losing access to education opportunities, or even losing one’s driving privileges. Contact an Allegany County criminal attorney today.

Be Aware of Your Rights

Many times, an arrest can stem from a simple traffic stop or other routine questioning. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of your rights. You are entitled to an attorney and the right to remain silent. You are not legally obligated to speak about your involvement in a criminal matter and, if you are contacted by a detective or Assistant State’s Attorney regarding a criminal matter, you should seek the counsel of an Allegany County criminal attorney before making any statements that could eventually be used against you.

How a Criminal Lawyer in Allegany County Can Help

Your criminal case will likely be heard at the District Court for Allegany, located on the 2nd floor of 123 South Liberty Street in Cumberland, Maryland. It is in your best interest to enlist a strong criminal attorney in the Allegany area. An Allegany County criminal attorney can provide you an experienced lawyer who is best able to protect your rights and provide optimal results in your case. A criminal charge is not something to take lightly. Even if you are just the subject of a criminal investigation and have not been formally charged with anything yet, it is smart to seek legal counsel to advise you how to handle this difficult situation. A conviction could have a very serious impact on your life in a lot of different areas, so it is important to retain an attorney that will work hard to ensure you get a positive result in your case. Don’t settle for an inexpensive attorney who might not be able to offer a strong defense. You deserve to have your case handled by a true professional. Contact Kush Arora Attorney at Law today. For information on criminal charges in the District of Columbia, please visit David Benowitz’s website here.

Allegany County Criminal Attorney