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What to Expect Following a DUI Arrest in Annapolis

When an individual is arrested for a DUI in Annapolis, it is the beginning of a lengthy process that may culminate in a DUI trial. In order to ensure that this process is undergone as successfully as possible and the damage mitigated, anyone who has been arrested and facing DUI charges in Annapolis should be sure to consult with an Annapolis DUI lawyer. An experienced attorney can helped those accused understand what to expect following their arrest, and prepare them for all of the upcoming steps in their case.

Booking Process

After an arrest for DUI has taken place on the side of the road, a person will be booked, which means they are brought to the police station where breathalyzer tests may be offered to them. Depending on the results of those tests, the booking process may take place. The person is then given copies of the citations or charges alleged against them. Sometimes, they are given information on subsequent court appearances as well as their rights to counsel.

Breath Testing

A person is always offered an opportunity to take a breathalyzer test when they are brought to the jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Whether or not they are expected to take a breathalyzer test is a question with a two-part answer.

A person always has the right to refuse to take a chemical breath test at the station. However, based on the implied consent law in Maryland, people holding a Maryland driver’s license agree they will suffer consequences by not taking a chemical breath test at this stage. They should anticipate that if they do not wish to participate in a breath test offered to them, the Motor Vehicle Administration might take away some of their driving privileges.

Medical Means Provided at the Jail

If a person is brought to the jail and they are injured in some way or have requirements for medical attention, it is not usually provided to them at the jail. The jail can handle things like small cuts and bruises where somebody might need a band aid. However, things that are more significant that require medical attention must be handled by medical professionals. Therefore a person will be taken to a hospital, if necessary.

Length An Individual Will Be Held

There is no minimum amount of time a person can be held in jail in Annapolis when they are being held for a DUI. It is a matter of how long the process takes. Sometimes, that depends on how busy the jail is, the experience of the officer, or any number of other factors. Some DUI cases move through the jail system in 15 minutes while in other circumstances, it takes several hours. There are many different factors that can impact how long that process takes.