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Annapolis Robbery Lawyer

Theft charges, including robbery, are very serious because they may carry jail time and most importantly, they are crimes of moral turpitude, which have collateral consequences that follow a person for years to come. For that reason, hiring an Annapolis robbery attorney who can do everything possible to keep you out of jail and potentially clear your record of the incident for future collateral consequences is extremely important to take into consideration. An experienced theft lawyer will be able to look at the facts and circumstances surrounding your specific case and build the strongest defense possible. To learn more or discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Elements of Robbery

Robbery is all of the elements of theft in addition to a threat or use of force. Robbery can be something small like stealing a pack of gum to something more significant. It involves any kind of use of force or threat of force to move the theft forward.

There is also a charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon which is even more serious than a simple robbery. This occurs when someone displays a weapon and uses the weapon as a threat in the advance of the actual theft.


Robbery is a felony offense that can carry a period of significant jail time and may also carry periods of extensive probation. Even people with no prior criminal record, if convicted, have sentencing guidelines with a period of incarceration. This is because robbery is considered especially heinous because it is a crime of violence involving theft as opposed to just a simple theft charge. These penalties make it imperative that a robbery lawyer in Annapolis is contacted as they may be able to assist in mitigating the damage and preparing a proper defense.

Negotiating from Robbery Down to Theft

Robbery is essentially the same as theft except that in a robbery case, someone uses force. If a person steals a pack of gum that was valued at a couple of dollars; it is a misdemeanor charge in Annapolis. But if somebody stole that pack of gum and threatened the clerk with violence while they were stealing it, that could be considered robbery and warrants contact with an Annapolis robbery lawyer.
The court could consider reducing charges from a felony to a misdemeanor in a robbery situation if there were weaknesses identified in the government’s case. The prosecutor confirmed those weaknesses and determined that reducing the charges to misdemeanors is the most appropriate way to come to some kind of resolution of the criminal case.

Importance of An Attorney

Robbery offenses are serious offenses. Understanding the jury, police officers, and the judges in a particular jurisdiction are essential for all stages of the case. This includes motion hearings to determine what evidence can be heard in trial as well as a particular kind of jury response to police officer testimony versus other kinds of testimonies during the course of a trial.

Understanding the nuances of a jurisdiction is as important as understanding the criminal charges themselves when it comes to robbery cases. Hiring an attorney in Annapolis who has an understanding of the jurisdiction and all of the parties involved in that jurisdiction is critical to formulate a defense for the client.

Annapolis Robbery Lawyer