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Hiring an Annapolis Robbery Attorney

Robbery charges are among the most serious criminal charges. They are felony offenses that involve the use of some kind of force to commit a theft. Robbery cases are theft cases, but they carry penalties that are far more serious because they are considered crimes of violence. For that reason, a defense attorney’s investigation at the early stages of the case could be the difference between a criminal conviction for a felony offense, a reduction in those charges to misdemeanor offenses, or complete dismissal of the case.

When looking for an attorney in Annapolis to handle a robbery case, a person should look for an attorney who is experienced in jury trials, experienced in dealing with robbery cases specifically, and in the evidence gathering of robbery cases. Working with an Annapolis robbery attorney who has experience with these kinds of criminal matters and having an attorney involved in the early stages of a case is imperative in preparing a strong defense.

Benefits of Experience

Robbery cases have a serious stigma attached to them because they are felonies and because they are crimes of violence.

Having an attorney who has experience handling robbery cases ensures that, at the investigative level and the early stages of the case, all of the information is turned over by the government. That includes the information the government did not turn over so that it can be properly investigated by the defense to make sure that a complete picture of the evidence is known to the defense. This allows the attorney to make appropriate representations to the court and to the state in any plea negotiation to achieve the best possible case results.

Usually a defense attorney who is properly prepared can put the prosecutor on the spot to get a better result for a case. Knowing more than a prosecutor knows, having more information about witnesses, surveillance videos, and other evidence that may prove their client is innocent; and presenting those things to the prosecutor in a way that strategically gives the client an advantage, results in a more favorable case outcome.

When to Contact a Robbery Lawyer

A person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they find out they are being investigated for a charge. This is especially true in robbery cases where someone might not be picked up immediately, but is picked up later after a description of them is given or surveillance video is reviewed. They could be taken into custody and not have any arrangements in place to speak to an attorney about representation. If that happens, they might find themselves in a position where they feel compelled to answer police questions without a lawyer’s help. It is never good for an individual to be in that position because police officers are trained to try to get confessions and information, and that could potentially destroy the individual’s ability to formulate a defense on their own behalf in criminal court.

Information for the Consultation

A person should have the charging documents that have been alleged against them, information about witnesses that might be able to produce an alibi for them or about them, or other information they think is helpful. The attorney reviews this information to understand the sequence of events and how they transpired. Once an attorney has all that information, they can dissect it and determine the most appropriate investigation for the case and how best to formulate a defense.

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