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Anne Arundel Speeding Offenses

Most Anne Arundel speeding offenses do not put points on someone’s license. Adept speeding lawyers are helpful in offering options, especially if a person has prior tickets, and explaining what they can do to avoid harsher penalties and mitigate their damages.

Common Types of Speeding Offenses in Anne Arundel

Anne Arundel speeding offenses are the same as they will be throughout the state. They include going over the speed limit, failing to signal when turning, and turning on a red light when one is not supposed to do so.
A person can get a ticket for going one mile over the speed limit. It depends on the officer and the officer’s temperament that day. Consequences for speeding tickets include the loss of a license, possibly having to deal with a driver improvement course or a fine.

Penalties for Reckless Driving Offenses

Reckless driving charges are administered in the form of a speeding ticket in Anne Arundel. Penalties include points on their license and having to pay a fine.

Understanding the Role of an Officer in a Speeding Case

Before the arrest, an officer may use pacing to detect someone’s speed. Pacing includes getting behind a person’s car and driving at their speed to determine how fast that person is going. Radar is another option to determine how fast the person is going.

When detecting Anne Arundel speeding offenses, law enforcement can use a radar. Pacing would be getting behind the car of the person who they think is going too quickly and seeing how fast they have to go to maintain their speed behind that person. Radar is using a radar gun.

The person could question the officer’s tools to determine what tools were used and when they were last calibrated. It involves questions regarding the officer’s training to use such a tool and when that tool was checked.

What is the Impact of Speeding Radars in Court?

If it is determined that the radar gun was not functioning, it holds a lot of weight. The defenses are that the radar gun was not properly calibrated and that the officer was not properly trained to use it.

If there are cars that are closely together, it can be argued that they did not get the correct car. Another issue is the weather and interference, such as wind or rain causing issues with the radar reading.

What is Pacing and How Does it Impact Speeding Cases?

Pacing is defined as the officer getting behind the person and evaluating how quickly they are going to determine how fast the person in front of them is going. Some of the issues are accurately determining if the officer had enough time behind the person to determine how quickly they were going. It can be very difficult to do because of all the conditions of the road, like if it was hilly and if there were lots of stops and starts. It depends on what road they were and such.

Possible Pacing and Speeding Defenses

Drivers must show up in court if their ticket is a must-appear ticket or they request a hearing for a payable citation and do not make payment before the court date.

One defense is that there was not enough time behind the person to accurately track the speed the person is alleged to have gone.

What Role Does Zoning Play in Traffic Cases?

In areas where there are double penalties, it has to be monitored. For example, inside of a school zone there is a double penalty. A person should not be speeding in a school zone.

If a person does it and takes it to the edge, there will be a double penalty associated with it.

There is usually no way around that. Being mindful that double penalties incur and there are set roads that a person could get a double penalty is very important.

Common Speeding Arrest Locations in Anne Arundel County

The standard speed limits in Anne Arundel varies depending on where a person is driving. Typically on a major highway like Anne Arundel 95, the speed limit is 65 miles an hour and 50 in some places. On main streets that are not highways, it could be 45 or 35 miles an hour.

On side roads, it is 25 miles an hour or slower. The most common locations for Anne Arundel speeding offenses are near schools, in neighborhoods, and downtown. It is common to be stopped on 50, as well.

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