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Baltimore Federal Crimes Lawyer

You may not know the difference between a Baltimore city federal crimes lawyer and one who only works with state offenses, but if you have been arrested under federal charges, you should quickly learn as much as you can. When you are targeted by federal police and arrested by the FBI, DEA, or another national agency, you are in very great legal danger. Read on to find out just why the risks are so high and why you need an experienced Baltimore federal criminal lawyer with a special skill set to represent you during this time.

Federal Crimes in Baltimore City

With the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. just down the highway, Baltimore’s residents and visitors are quite familiar with the sights and sounds of federal agencies. The NSA headquarters is a reminder that agents are constantly monitoring communications for indications of illegal activity. The iconic FBI headquarters, the Pentagon, and the Supreme Court are busy with activity as government employees question, try, and convict people on a daily basis. You may not have engaged in treason or subversive activity against the government, but you could still be accused of a federal crime.
The term “federal crime” does not primarily refer to offenses directly against the national government. Rather, it encompasses any offense that transcends state lines. In Baltimore city, a federal crimes lawyer is likely to handle any of these, among other cases:

Features of a Federal Charge

Appearing in federal court is a far different experience than facing state charges. There are different paperwork, evidence, and testimony requirements, which can derail your case if your attorney is not prepared to approach them correctly. A particularly important distinction is that federal prosecutors are also usually better equipped and more highly motivated than state prosecutors. They are less likely to drop a case through lack of interest or make mistakes in filing charges, and they have more resources for collecting evidence and building a convincing case against you.
A Baltimore city federal criminal lawyer understands how serious your position is when accused of a federal crime. Whether your online activity looked suspicious to an investigator, or whether you were gathered up in a company-wide operation, do not wait for things to get sorted out on their own. Engage an attorney who can get on top of the situation quickly and protect your rights amid the fast pace of a federal investigation.

How Your Lawyer Can Help You

Of course, there are similarities between state and federal prosecutions. If you were treated illegally during your arrest, your attorney will work to show that fact to the court. An important point in any arrest is whether an agency had enough reason to suspect you of wrongdoing before arresting you and searching your home or office. Likewise, confiscated equipment, documents, or other property might have had no bearing on the case and may have been seized illegally.
Although you may not want to think about the possibility of a conviction just yet, your Baltimore city federal criminal attorney will be your most important ally if things reach that point. He can push for a lighter sentence, one that will allow you to keep your job, remain with your family, and preserve your future instead of wasting time in prison. An appeal is also possible, and it takes the work of an attorney to correctly file the paperwork and arrange the details of taking your case to a higher court.

Call a Baltimore City Federal Crimes Lawyer for Help

If your accusations are financial in nature, you likely already know the complexity of the charges and understand the need for a lawyer. But even an offense that you think is minor, such as carrying a small amount of drugs across a state border, becomes far more serious when tried in federal court. Understand that you will be in far over your head unless you are represented by a lawyer who truly knows what he is doing. We are happy to consult with you, explain just how much danger you are in, and begin taking the next steps toward protecting your future.
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