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Baltimore Student Defense Lawyer

Getting arrested is not an isolated occurrence among college students. When they finally become free from parental authority, students often experiment with drugs, alcohol, and partying as they go through college.

Unfortunately, as a Baltimore student defense lawyer can tell you, criminal charges and the student disciplinary charges that often accompany them can be devastating for college students and the futures for which they have been working.

Student conduct code violation proceedings are serious matters that can have significant consequences for your academic endeavors. When combined with the potential repercussions of a criminal prosecution, you may experience the aftereffects of your hasty or thoughtless actions for years to come.

Representation by a criminal defense lawyer can go a long way toward fighting the charges against you, both at school and in the courtroom.

Criminal Prosecutions and College Students

Underage drinking is a common situation on most college campuses, but it can have harsh consequences for those students who get caught. Most college students are still under the age of 21, so it is a criminal offense to buy, attempt to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol. Since some drinking typically occurs at off-campus parties, bars, and clubs, the risk of DUI is ever-present, as well.

College students are not immune to other types of criminal charges other than those involving minor consumption. Marijuana possession or other minor drug offense, assault, resisting law enforcement, and sexual assault can all land a student in jail.

Even students with no previous criminal background may be subject to fines, community service, probation, and even incarceration for criminal offenses. Fortunately, most college students are young and have little or no criminal backgrounds. This may entitle them to complete diversion programs, if available, or even have the charges dropped altogether in some cases.

College Disciplinary Proceedings in Baltimore

Despite reaching a favorable outcome in a criminal case, even if students emerge from the experience with no criminal record, the problems resulting from a criminal arrest are unlikely to stop there. Underage alcohol violations and other criminal offenses often lead directly to allegations that students have violated the code of conduct that governs all students at their colleges or universities.

Since these proceedings can be complicated and often coincide with criminal proceedings, it may be wise to contact a student defense lawyer in Baltimore for assistance.

Whether it is a criminal arrest, accusations of a criminal offense, or an academic misconduct charge, college students may be facing a panel of administrators and students who could determine their fate. Unlike criminal cases, there are no constitutional rights or protections available for students accused of misconduct.

The amount of evidence required to find a violation is low, and students could face serious disciplinary action as a result, including loss of scholarships, loss of student privileges, probation, suspension, and expulsion.

Speak with a Baltimore Student Defense Attorney Today

For students, college is a time to explore new freedom and grow as adults. This crucial time in the life of young adults may be cut drastically short if authorities accuse them of illegal behavior or other misconduct on campus. To work toward a more favorable resolution of these matters, a Baltimore student defense lawyer may be in the best position to give you advice.

While it may seem like you cannot extricate yourself from your legal troubles, one wrong decision does not have to ruin your life. Having legal counsel at your side to guide you through any campus and courtroom proceedings can be critical to your ability to resolve the accusations against you with a minimum of impact on your life.

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