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Baltimore Robbery Lawyer

Any allegation of a theft-related charge is a serious matter. The theft of an item of even minuscule value is a misdemeanor level offense that will create a criminal record and could result in the imposition of a jail sentence.

However, allegations of robbery are much more serious. These are any thefts that are accomplished through the use or threat of force. Therefore, something as simple as stating to an alleged victim, “Give me your money or see what happens,” may qualify under the state’s robbery statutes.

Because of the harsh penalties associated with robbery convictions, it is vital to protect your future. A Baltimore robbery lawyer may be able to help you. A practiced theft attorney could work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, to question the legality of any police work that led to an arrest, and to work to protect your Constitutional rights in court.

What is a Robbery Under State Law?

Robberies differ from simple thefts in many key ways. The first is that a robbery is a theft aided by the use or threat of force. Md. Code, Criminal Law §3-401 says that a robbery is defined by the courts. Courts consistently rule that a robbery is a theft that is achieved through the use or threat of force. Further, a conviction for robbery requires a prosecutor to prove that a defendant possessed an intent to permanently deprive the owner of the use of the property or to hold the item for ransom.

Second, the penalties for a robbery conviction are always harsh. Md. Code, Criminal Law §3-402 states that it is illegal to commit a robbery or to attempt to do so. A conviction under this statute is a felony that carries a term of imprisonment not to exceed 15 years.

Even worse are allegations that a defendant has committed a robbery with the use of a dangerous weapon. Md. Code, Criminal Law §3-403 increases the maximum penalty here to 20 years in prison. Additionally, if that dangerous weapon happens to be a firearm, a state law adds an additional prison sentence on top of any court’s punishment for a core robbery conviction. A Baltimore robbery attorney could help clients to understand the state’s robbery laws and how they affect their case.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights in Court

Many allegations of robbery are very defensible. This means that a Baltimore robbery attorney may develop many strategies designed to protect a client. One strategy may involve impeaching the credibility of an alleged victim. A key part of any prosecutor’s case is a positive identification of the defendant.

If an alleged victim states that the robber was wearing a mask, supposedly committed the act at night, or that they were very frightened during the incident, this may limit their ability to properly identify their alleged attacker.

Other defenses could center around the idea that a robbery involved the threat of force. An alleged victim may believe that they saw a weapon at the time of the incident, but police records never indicate that a weapon was present. Other cases could involve an honest mistake over the true owner of the property.

Here, a defense attorney could work to argue that the defendant lacked the necessary intent to commit a robbery. Every charge is unique, and skilled legal representation could work with clients to develop a strategy that best fits their case.

Reach Out to a Baltimore Robbery Attorney Today

Robbery charges are thefts accomplished through the use or threat of force. The mere fact that a defendant is alleged to have threatened a supposed victim is enough to transform a misdemeanor theft charge into a felony robbery case. Even worse, if the defendant is alleged to have held a weapon during a robbery, a conviction can result in multiple years in prison.

Thankfully, a Baltimore robbery lawyer may be able to help prevent this from happening. Robbery cases can be surprisingly complex as a prosecutor needs to prove both that the robbery occurred and that the defendant intended to take property from another party. As a result, an attorney could help to discredit witnesses, to examine any security footage, or to create an alibi for their clients. Contact us today to get started.

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