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Bethesda Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Alcohol-based cases are easier for the government to prove than marijuana-related DUI cases. The detection of marijuana is more difficult for an officer to do on the side of the road, so compiling enough evidence to go forward with marijuana DUI criminal charges could be more difficult for the government.

If you were charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, you could benefit from the services of a Bethesda marijuana DUI lawyer. A seasoned drug DUI defense attorney could examine the evidence and exploit every weakness in the prosecution’s case. Call today to begin building a defense.

What the Prosecution Needs to Prove

In a marijuana DUI case, the prosecution must prove that an individual was under the influence or impaired by marijuana. The standard for a marijuana DUI charge is difficult to prove because no specific level is identified for a judge or a jury to make a determination. Other factors are used such as a person’s performance on standardized field sobriety tests, a Drug Recognition Expert’s opinion about someone’s level of impairment, and the bad driving that prompted the initial traffic stop.

Evidence Used in Marijuana DUI Cases

The evidence in marijuana DUI cases is not based on a breath test result. The only way to determine whether marijuana is in a person’s system is by urinalysis or blood screening. The nature of marijuana is that it stays in a person’s system for an extended amount of time. It is likely that a person who comes up positive for marijuana might not be under the influence of marijuana at the time an officer makes the allegation that they are under the influence.

Under the circumstances, when someone is alleged to be driving under the influence or impaired by marijuana, they could face an alternative sentence screening or tests conducted by the officer to determine the level of impairment. That includes being screened by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) who uses varying tests of a person’s motor skills and the nystagmus test of their eyes to make an expert determination about whether they are under the influence or impaired by marijuana.

Marijuana DUI Penalties

Marijuana DUIs carry the possibility of a period of incarceration, points on a person’s driving record, and fines. If a person is found guilty of a marijuana-related DUI, they face a period of probation that requires supervision by the court system and participation in driver improvement or treatment programs, as deemed appropriate by the court. A Bethesda marijuana DUI lawyer could work to mitigate the severity of the penalties that someone may face.

How a Marijuana DUI Attorney in Bethesda Could Help

Marijuana DUI cases are difficult for prosecutors to prove. A defense attorney understands how difficult it is for a prosecutor to go forward with these charges. When a prosecutor attempts to prove marijuana DUI criminal allegations against someone, a defense attorney with experience handling these cases could best outline the most effective defense on behalf of the accused.

If you are facing marijuana DUI charges, reach out to a dedicated Bethesda marijuana DUI lawyer as soon as possible. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to avoid a conviction on these charges.