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Charles County Courthouses

Charles County, Maryland is one of the southern-most counties in the state, and while it does not feature a major metropolis of its own, it conveniently located near Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, Virginia. While there is plenty of culture, entertainment in history in Charles County alone, its proximity to major cities greatly expands the potential for employment, education, and entertainment. Unfortunately, sometimes crime can also spill out from these larger cities, and you may be stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time and potentially charged with criminal conduct. If charges are filed against you for a crime in Charles County, you will likely be required to appear before the Circuit Court for Charles County.

The Circuit Court for Charles County is located at 200 Charles Street in La Plata, Maryland, 20646. If you need to contact the courthouse by phone, you can do so at 301-932-3201. The office for the Circuit Court is open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you have specific questions for a particular department, you can find the number for that department on the courthouse’s website. For example, the criminal division can be reached at 301-932-3220.

Circuit Court Directions

If you are driving to the courthouse, you should take Route 301 into La Plata, and then turn onto Route 6/Charles Street. If you are coming from any point south, you will take Route 301 North and will turn right onto Charles Street; if you are driving from the east, Baltimore, or Annapolis, you will take U.S. 50 West to Route 301 South and turn left onto Charles Street. You can park free of charge in the lot behind the courthouse.

Courthouse Etiquette and Appearance

To ensure that your appearance at the courthouse goes smoothly, you will need to observe several rules and regulations about decorum in the Circuit Court. One of the most relevant regulations is a new rule that limits the use of cell phones in the courthouse. Such devices are subject to inspection and confiscation by courthouse security personnel, and any phones brought into the courtroom must be kept off and inoperable when in the courtroom. Taking pictures and videos or transmitting them is strictly prohibited in the courthouse, and cell phones cannot be taken into the jury deliberation room. Court personnel have the right to impose further restrictions on cell phones anywhere in the courtroom, particularly if any inappropriate uses occur.

It is also important that you follow any directions given to you by the judge, bailiff, or any other court personnel. Respect and deference to the officers of the court is important if you want the proceedings to go smoothly and avoid any potential contempt charges. Be courteous to attorneys, clerks and anyone else inside the courtroom.

The Importance of a Charles County Attorney

And although you may feel as though your case will be strong enough to defense without the assistance of an attorney, you should consider consulting one for your criminal charges. In many cases, having an attorney can help you find flaws in the prosecution’s case that would not be obvious to individuals outside of the legal profession. A criminal defense attorney can help you negotiate plea bargains or may be able to find a way for you to be acquitted or be charged with lesser offenses to avoid jail time and costly fines. If you are facing a criminal charge in Charles County or anywhere else in the state of Maryland, a Charles County criminal attorney with Kush Arora Attorney at Law is ready to help answer any questions you might have about the legal process.  Call our office to set up a free initial case consultation with an experienced legal advocate.

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