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Chevy Chase Domestic Violence Lawyer

When disagreements turn physical and accusations fly, the lives of those involved are thrown into immediate upheaval. Serious consequences, both personal and professional can follow, and it is crucial that both sides of the story be heard.

If you have been the subject of domestic violence allegations and wish to take active steps to safeguard your rights, a Chevy Chase domestic violence lawyer stands prepared to help.
A criminal defense attorney can provide a comprehensive factual analysis and formulate a strategic approach designed to prevent or lessen the impact of domestic violence allegations on your life.

Maryland Domestic Violence Law

In Maryland, domestic violence is defined as a relatively wide range of circumstances which can develop between family members or individuals residing within the same home.
According to Section 4-501 of Maryland’s Family Law Articles, factual scenarios involving actual and attempted rape, physical assault, kidnapping, stalking, false imprisonment or the creation of a fear of imminent harm can all qualify as domestic violence.

Though the term “domestic violence” is often characterized as something that happens between spouses, the fact is that Maryland law applies a broader approach. Domestic violence can occur between any parties related by blood, marriage or adoption, between partners who cohabitate, step-parents, natural children or adult household members who lack sufficient mental or physical capabilities to meet their own daily needs.

Building a Defense

Anyone accused of an act of domestic violence needs to realize that legal processes can move quickly and that without a timely response, the lasting effects can be devastating. Maryland Family Law Article Section 4-509 affords law enforcement officials the ability to make warrantless arrests of individuals who have been accused of such offenses, as long as a police report was made within 48 hours of the alleged event. There must also be a reasonable belief that additional injury may occur to the victim or that a delay may result in evidence tampering or an attempt to evade police.

Enlisting the aid of a Chevy Chase domestic violence lawyer at this early stage can make an important difference in terms of protecting the rights of the accused and ensuring that proper procedures are followed each step of the way.

Another reason why the help of a domestic violence attorney can be so pivotal in the aftermath of an accusation such as this is because Maryland law provides for the possible imposition of temporary protective orders which may prevent access to minor children as well as the shared residence.

Consequences For a Conviction

Domestic violence charges undoubtedly bring with them a social stigma that none of us wish to endure, in addition to the often crippling legal, financial and career implications of any resulting conviction.

Being found guilty of offenses in this category can bring substantial fines, jail time, loss of child custody and more. For example, pursuant to Family Law Article Section 4-509, violating protective orders issued in domestic violence matters can bring imprisonment of up to a year as well as fines into the thousands of dollars.

Further, professional licensure and standing within the community can be at real risk for those accused of these crimes. For all of these reasons, it is vital for anyone facing allegations of domestic violence to have a committed, aggressive Chevy Chase domestic violence attorney on their side.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Situations in which domestic violence allegations are lodged are truly tragic for everyone involved. Even when accusations are shown to be without merit, the impact of the proceedings themselves can be lasting and extremely damaging. If you have been the target of such charges and want to do all you can to secure the best possible outcome, a domestic violence attorney in Chevy Chase can be your most powerful ally. Contact us to discover how an attorney with our firm can begin assisting today.

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