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Benefits of a Columbia Lawyer When Facing Stalking Charges

A criminal lawyer wants to be sure they have reviewed all of the evidence and also conducted their own investigation in the case. Oftentimes, harassment cases can be a simple he said, she said where one party is claiming there was harassment, but does not have any solid proof to support it, such as alibi witnesses who can speak to a person’s whereabouts at a particular occasion. That is worth investigating from the defense attorney’s perspective to present a proper defense in court to allegations by another party.

A defense attorney should conduct an extensive evaluation of the relationship between the parties prior to the filing of any charges because it might assist the attorney in understanding any biases that exist between the parties. There may be motivations that one party has against the other to fabricate testimony for things like financial gain, custody issues, or a better positioning in other proceedings such as divorce.

An aggressive Columbia stalking lawyer can be immensely helpful in a case involving stalking charges because they will bring their experience and knowledge to your case, and will work diligently to minimize the penalties against you as much as possible.

When to Take a Plea Deal

If a criminal lawyer conducted a thorough evaluation of a case, completed the investigation, and still determines that the prosecution has a strong case, the attorney might discuss a possibility of a plea agreement with the client. A plea agreement does not necessarily mean that the client accepts responsibility for exactly what is charged. Oftentimes, plea agreements reduce the charges to something lesser than the original charge.

For example, a stalking charge or a harassment charge might be modified to something less serious such as a simple violation of a protective order charge. These are the kinds of conversations a person’s defense attorney has with the prosecutor after reviewing all the evidence. The defense attorney and the defendant then make a decision together about the best course of action or whether a plea agreement is appropriate.

Retaining a Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with stalking means that a person is charged with committing a crime that carries the possibility of jail time as well as other collateral consequences that could have a negative impact on a person’s future. Retaining an attorney is extremely important in making sure that all of your rights are preserved, a thorough investigation is conducted, and a proper defense is presented. It is not a good idea to rely only on a prosecutor’s evidence before moving forward with a criminal representation of the case.

Researching Attorneys

There are many qualities a person should look for when researching stalking lawyers for their defense. The most important qualities are the attorney’s experience handling similar cases and their relationships with that particular court system. A person who is not familiar with the Columbia court system may not have the kinds of relationships with prosecutors and judges that would put their clients in the position to get the best resolution possible in a criminal case.

Speaking with an Attorney for the First Time

A person should have all their charging documents available, as well as any supporting documentation that the attorney can use in preparation for the case. That includes the names and phone numbers of witnesses the defense attorney can contact to attempt to support a client’s claim that he was not involved or engaged in the stalking arrest.

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