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Columbia Robbery Lawyer

In Maryland, robbery is the use of force to conduct a theft. In these cases the  value of the items taken is not important, whether it be anything from a pack of gum to something more expensive like a car. All the matters is whether the government can prove that the use of force of the threat of the use of force was used in committing a theft.

With this said, robbery charges can carry a very significant amount of jail time, and have a significant impact on an individual’s criminal record, which would affect them in the future in almost every aspect of their life. As a result it is important to treat these offenses as seriously as possible and consult with a Columbia robbery lawyer as soon as possible. The charged individual should be confident that their theft attorney understands how to conduct an investigation on their behalf throughout the process before they make any decisions on how to proceed with their criminal defense.

Criminal Consequences

Robbery can carry a period of incarceration, a lengthy period of probation, and significant fines. In addition, because robbery is a felony, there are collateral consequences for the rest of an individual’s life if they have a robbery conviction on their record.

A person charged with robbery could even face the possibility of a period of incarceration that could last for decades making it imperative a Columbia robbery attorney is contacted.

Building a Defense

In order to convict someone of robbery the prosecutor must prove that a person committed a theft and used force or the threat of force to further that theft.
A robbery attorney in Columbia will gather all of the evidence and information that the prosecutors have on the case and then review that information with their client. The attorney makes sure that the prosecutors have the ability to move forward with these charges and conducts his or her own investigation in to any possible defense.

Once the attorney reviews their own investigation, they have a conversation with the prosecutors to determine the most appropriate resolution to the case and try to negotiate the matter on their client’s behalf. If they are unable to proceed in that direction, then having a trial in the matter ensures that client’s charges are dismissed against them and they are found not guilty.

Hiring a Lawyer

No matter where the alleged offense occurs, robbery charges will be heard in the circuit court because they are felony offenses. With this in mind, it is imperative to consult with a Columbia robbery attorney as they will have experience with this level of court and will be able to determine whether it is advantageous to have a trial by jury or not. These kinds of decisions can only be made with an attorney who has experience handling this kind of case in this particular court system with this particular set of judges.

Columbia Robbery Lawyer