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Frederick County Drug Lawyer

Drug defendants in Maryland sometimes face harsh criminal penalties given the nature of drug crimes. Therefore if accused, you deserve to have the best defense possible to fight for your rights. A Frederick County drug lawyer can work hard to help you avoid having your life torn apart by a criminal offense. Call today to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

When facing charges for a drug crime, a Frederick County drug attorney can:

  • Determine if the drugs were found in an illegal search. When the Fourth Amendment was violated, evidence may be suppressed and the prosecutor cannot use it in court.
  • Determine if there are other defenses available to you, such as entrapment.
  • Argue that there is insufficient proof you were in possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug manufacturing equipment.
  • Argue about the volume of the drugs allegedly in your possession (larger volumes of drugs mean harsher penalties).
  • Assist you in negotiating a grant of immunity in return for providing information to prosecutors.
  • Petition for dismissal of charges or try to get a prosecutor to dismiss a case if there isn’t sufficient evidence to move forward.
  • Introduce doubt in a jury or bench trial about whether you actually violated the drug laws you are accused of breaking.
  • Help you to avoid a criminal record by qualifying for deferred sentencing, such as probation before judgment.
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor so you can face a reduced charge or get a recommendation for a lighter sentence in exchange for admitting guilt.

There are many different options available to you regarding how to respond to drug charges. The right approach depends upon the charges against you and the nature and extent of evidence the prosecutor has. Our team is going to try very hard to help you get your case resolved as quickly as possible, and in your favor as much as possible.

Drug Laws

Drug laws in Frederick County criminalize the possession of drug paraphernalia and of controlled substances. Defendants can also be charged with more serious drug crimes like intent to distribute or intent to manufacture. For these more serious offenses, a prosecutor does not have to prove a defendant actually sold or made drugs. Having large volumes of controlled substances can provide enough evidence that a prosecutor can try to convince a jury to infer a defendant’s intent.

The amount of drugs allegedly under a defendant’s control is one of two primary determining factors related to the penalties a defendant can face for conviction of a drug crime. The type of controlled substance is the other most important factor in determining penalties for conviction.  Schedule I substances result in the harshest penalties, because these substances have no medical use and are considered to have a high potential for abuse. There are five different Schedules, with the penalties becoming progressively less serious for Schedule II, III, IV and V substances.

Finally, if you have a past record for drug offenses, you can also be charged with more serious crimes and may want to contact a Frederick County drug attorney as soon as you are charged.

Work With a Frederick County Drug Attorney

A Frederick County drug lawyer is familiar with how prosecutors make cases against drug defendants and will put his legal knowledge and background to work to help you make choices when you navigate the criminal justice system. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how a lawyer can help after a drug arrest.

Frederick County Drug Lawyer