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Frederick County Drug Distribution Lawyer 

Drug distribution is more serious than a possession charge in Frederick County because it is considered more dangerous to the community. A person can be charged with drug distribution is deemed to be affecting others by making controlled dangerous substances available to them that are otherwise more difficult to obtain. If you have been charged, contact a Frederick County drug distribution lawyer today.
Instead of a simple possession case where an individual might have been negatively impacting themselves, in a distribution case, the prosecution sees the defendant as inflicting harm on the people around them.That can prove to be a very dangerous thing from the court’s perspective.

Aggravating Factors

Aggravating factors that can elevate the severity of the sentencing of the charge includes:

  • possession of a handgun at the time of the offense
  • criminal history

These are extremely important in determining how a felony drug case is resolved in the court system. In these cases, a person could face a mandatory minimum sentence. Due to the possibility of severe consequences, it is vital to have a drug distribution attorney in Frederick County on your side.

Court Treatment

Law enforcement is always cracking down on drug distribution in Frederick County. These are seen as crimes that impact the very fabric of the community.
Police officers and prosecutors believe it is important to get to the source to keep drugs off the street. That source is often the distributor of the controlled dangerous substance.

Constitutional Issues

Usually, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution on unlawful searches and seizures is the most common constitutional issue a person faces in a Frederick County drug distribution case.
When somebody is alleged to have committed a criminal offense like drug distribution, the manner in which the evidence against the person was gathered is carefully reviewed. If the evidenced was obtained through wiretaps or some sort of sting operation, the setup is evaluated to whether officers and prosecutors adhered to appropriate constitutional principles in seeking out warrants.
The right Frederick County drug distribution lawyer can ensure the police are held accountable and that your rights are protected throughout the investigation and trial.


Prosecutors must prove there was an act of distribution that took place. Police officers might have evidence through an undercover officer pretend to buy drugs. A confidential informant or other witnesses can testify that there was an act of illegal drug purchases from the person charged with drug distribution in Frederick County.
The element in the crime most often contested in a trial is whether somebody actually distributed the controlled dangerous substance as claimed by the law enforcement officer. The element of that distribution is the crux of the case.

Choosing Your Lawyer

Most importantly, a person should find legal counsel who is familiar with the court system, the judges, and the prosecutors. A drug distribution lawyer in Frederick County with experience in that court system knows which judges and prosecutors are most receptive to the type of argument that attorney is able to make.
It is an advantage to have a Frederick County drug distribution attorney who is aware of the constitutional principles important to the resolution of these kinds of cases and knows how to formulate arguments to suppress evidence that might otherwise be presented to the court.

Frederick County Drug Lawyer