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Frederick County Demerit Point System

If someone is found liable for a violation after a traffic offense hearing or pays their ticket and admits liability, points to that individual’s driving record will be assessed in Frederick County.
These points may lead to severe consequences for an individual’s insurance rates or their livelihood. Because of the serious penalties, it is important to try and avoid demerit points as much as possible by fighting the initial moving violation or ticket in court. An experienced traffic attorney  can advocate on an individual’s behalf to mitigate the overall damage of points accumulated within the Frederick County demerit point system.

Length of Points

Regulations found in the Maryland Annotated Code identify the number of points that are associated with each offense. Demerit points remain on a person’s driver’s record until they are expunged by the MVA. Two years after the date of the conviction, with which the points are associated, the points are no longer considered current. However, at this time, an insurance company or employer will still be able to see how many points are on a person’s driving record, as they remain public information for up to three years after the conviction.
Points are automatically removed from a person’s driver’s record after three years if:

  • That person has not committed another moving violation or other criminal offense involving a motor vehicle during the previous three-year period
  • Their driver’s license has not been suspended or revoked during the previous three-year period
  • They have never been convicted of driving under the influence, driving impaired, or fleeing the scene of an accident

Out of State Licenses

Frederick County does not use the uniform demerit point system. The State of Maryland is involved in the Driver License Compact Program, and it is this program that guides the MVA’s actions. Under this, Maryland will notify the out of state driver’s home state if someone violates any traffic laws in Maryland.

Challenging Points

A person can challenge the demerit points in Frederick County assessed to their license by requesting a hearing. Individuals can either request a trial and plead not guilty to the offense associated with the subject points, or request a waiver hearing and plead guilty with an explanation. Once an individual requests a hearing date, a notice will be sent to their address that will identify the date and time of their scheduled hearing. A person must request a hearing within 30 days of receiving a citation.

Working with a Traffic Lawyer

Under such circumstances, a Frederick County traffic lawyer can help mitigate the damage of Frederick County demerit points by working toward the best possible outcome for their client’s case. To do so, an experienced traffic lawyer will make arguments and negotiations on the individual’s behalf that may result in a reduction or waiver of points. This is a nuanced process, and a traffic lawyer with local ties and experience is best-situated to achieve a positive outcome for an individual whose driving privileges have been jeopardized by demerit points, and to ensure that such points do not continue to affect their livelihood or well-being.

Frederick County Demerit Point System