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Impact of Driving Points in Frederick County

If an individual accumulates too many points, the MVA may take a number of actions. However, the MVA’s actions depend on both the number of points accumulated and the timeframe in which they were accumulated.

Demerit point accumulation in Frederick County can sometimes carry serious consequences, which is why an individual should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help either lessen or dismiss any points accumulated.

Buildup of Points

If a person accumulates three to four points, the MVA will send them a warning letter. This letter will tell that person that more stern measures will be taken by the MVA if they receive additional points.
If a person accumulates five to seven points, they will be required to complete a driver improvement program, which is offered across the state by various third party companies. If an individual accumulates eight to eleven points, their license may be automatically suspended. Here it is important to note that, under such circumstances, that individual may be provided with the opportunity to request a hearing to explain why the suspension period should not be imposed.
If a person accumulates 12 or more points, they will receive a notice of revocation and their license will be revoked. That person will then have to apply for a new license once the revocation period is complete.

Long-Term Impacts

In addition to such consequences, it is important to note that an accumulation of demerit points in Frederick County can have a long-term, negative impact on other areas of an individual’s life. For example, the accumulation of points will likely result in increased insurance costs, and, under some circumstances, may cause an insurance company to drop an insured individual.
Additionally, the loss of driving privileges that may result from an accumulation of points can affect a person’s livelihood, including their ability to secure or maintain employment.

Infractions in Multiple Jurisdictions

If an individual has had traffic violations and has accumulated demerit points in both Frederick County and in other jurisdictions, the MVA has the ability to assess points associated with such violations on that person’s driver’s record depending on the nature of the violations.
For instance, the MVA may assess points for any out of state violations related to motor vehicle offenses involving drugs or alcohol and homicide or manslaughter, or those related to the use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony.

Removal of Points

Once points have been assessed to a person’s driver’s record, they can request that those points manually be removed from their record before the requisite three years have passed. An individual should seek to remove any accumulated demerit points in Frederick County, and to do so, must make a request to the MVA. Upon receiving such a request, the MVA will determine if the individual meets the qualifications for point removal.
In order to make this determination, the MVA will consider such factors as the length of time between the individual’s moving violations and the date upon which they last committed a moving violation. A person is not required to go to a hearing to request a manual expungement during this process.

Frederick County Demerit Point System