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Frederick Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are taken seriously in Frederick, Maryland. The consequences of a sex crime charge can be quite severe. Individuals facing charges must deal with both the legal consequences and, the social stigma that will follow. A Frederick sex crimes lawyer can work to build your case, and share your account of what transpired. If you have been charged with a sex crime, get in touch with a skilled criminal lawyer today. En Español.

Sexual Battery Charges

Sexual Battery is potentially any kind of an assault that takes place with a sexual component. An unconsented sexual touching or sexual act of some kind would constitute Sexual Battery. There is no difference between sexual battery and sexual assault. They are the same thing as they pertain to Maryland Law.

Sexual battery charges are treated as one of the most serious types of criminal charges by the Frederick Court and really by any court in the Maryland Court System. After crimes of violence, such as murder, sexual battery crimes are usually the most serious offense.

Sexual battery is considered a violent offense in both circumstances, there are some kinds of sex offenses that are not considered violent, but they do fall under the Sexual Battery Statute. A Frederick sex crimes lawyer can defend individuals from any charges they face.


Sexual Battery can have potential penalties of very minimal consequence, 12 months, to more serious penalties for the most serious kinds of offense like First Degree Rape which could carry a period of life in prison, the same as a First Degree Murder charge. A Frederick sex crimes lawyer can mitigate potential an individual may face.

This kind of a case is probably one of the most complex cases that somebody can have in the criminal justice system, and issues can arise that only an attorney with a tremendous amount of experience, not only in criminal defense but also in handling jury trials, is going to be able to handle.

An experienced Frederick sex crimes lawyer will be able to identify all of the issues to make sure that a charged person does not miss the opportunity to make the appropriate argument and come up with the best defense possible.

Aggravating Factors

Aggravating factors include the age of the alleged victim if they were especially young, or if they had some kind of a handicap that made them especially vulnerable.
Additionally, the extent of the battery would also be an aggravating factor, e.g., if there were weapons used if the individual received injuries,  and whether those injuries are permanent or not.

Building a Defense

An experienced criminal defense attorney will conduct their own defense investigation with respect to a case. A defense investigation is very important, especially in sexual battery cases, to make sure the investigation goes beyond what would be favorable to the State.

The defense will dig deeper into perhaps some issues that lie between the parties, like how long they have known each other, what kind of bias they bring to the table, what kind of relationship they had before the issues alleged, and what kind of motives might there be for fabrication of allegations based upon that relationship. The role of a Frederick sex crimes lawyer is multifaceted with respect to sexual battery cases.

Role of an Attorney

The role of a criminal defense attorney is to help a charged person. The criminal defense attorney is responsible for making sure that the client understands and is fully aware of the charges that have been brought against him and all of the consequences associated with those charges.

Additionally, an experienced Frederick sex crimes lawyer is responsible for making sure that all of the discovery that has been provided by the Government, based on their investigation, is sorted through and all legal issues are identified.

Frederick Sex Crimes Lawyer