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Life after a DUI Arrest in Maryland

The pending charges for a DUI arrest can appear on a person’s criminal records. If the person is subject to background checks, their employer might see those pending charges as well.
An individual can also face consequences from the Motor Vehicle Administration for the DUI charges. There are administrative sanctions on their driver’s license that are not delayed until the case is proven in court.

If the person is a student or their employer wants to know about pending charges; those kinds of charges could have an immediate impact. It may be difficult to adjust to life after a DUI arrest in Maryland, as the consequences can sometimes be severe. To help prevent some of the more punishing consequences, it is important to contact a Maryland DUI arrests attorney as soon as possible.

Long-Term Impact

When somebody is convicted of a DUI or has an arrest on their record, they face consequences with employment, their academic career, and background checks. The collateral consequences depend upon the course a person’s life takes after being arrested for an arrest in Maryland.

A person’s employer finds out about their DUI arrest if the person is required to report it or if the employer conducts a background check.
Oftentimes, the arrest shows up on any background check. The presence of a DUI on an individual’s background check can negatively impact their life after they have been charged in Maryland.

Minimizing Consequences

An attorney can assist a person arrested for a DUI in Maryland by getting the appropriate evaluations done and making sure to present their matter to the judge in the best way possible.
The lawyer can also assist the person in clarifying any defenses that might be available regarding probable cause to place someone under arrest.
They can also assist in clarifying any other procedural violations of the constitution that might have taken place during the course of their interaction with police and their trial in juvenile court.

Relevant Information

Generally, a DUI lawyer finds out from their client exactly what it is that they do with their time on a regular basis.
The lawyer determines whether the person is in school or working and what obligations they might have to inform others of that DUI arrest. This can help determine how an individual’s life may progress after a DUI arrest in Maryland.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are not notified by the court system meaning the individual would have to inform their insurance company for them to be aware of the incident. When insurance is up for renewal, they might conduct their own background checks to find out. It is unusual for an insurance company to be made aware of a DUI by the police or the court system.

Usually, a person does not know what to tell their insurance company about their DUI arrest. Generally speaking, a person is under no obligation to report an arrest to an insurance company. If the matter is resolved in court with a conviction or points; the insurance company is usually notified once those points are assessed.

Notifying an Employer

Every employer has different criteria; some employers do not require the person to report anything to them. Other employers only want the person to make a report once the matter is resolved in court, and others want the person to report immediately upon arrest.

It is important to make sure that the person and their attorney explore what is required of their employer before making any disclosures to them.

Getting a License Out of State

Oftentimes, when somebody has a DUI arrest in Maryland, it can have an impact in another state because the other state looks at their original driving record in the state of Maryland to see if there are any infractions.

It is unusual that another state would deny a person a license because they had a DUI in Maryland, but it can show up. The other state might require additional information or documentation to support the background of that DUI and find out the status of the case. The other state may ask the person to complete alcohol education or a driver improvement program before affording them the opportunity to get another driver’s license in that state.

Maryland Visitors

If a person is detained, they could be prohibited from returning home. There could be bond conditions that require the person to remain in the state of Maryland that can keep them from returning home. 

It is unusual for those kinds of conditions to be put in place for somebody who has a DUI charge because the charges are seen as relatively minor criminal offenses. A person should be able to return home pending the charge. However, there could be effects depending on the release conditions imposed after a person is charged and processed for their DUI.