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License Suspension After Being Charged with an Underage DUI

Maryland underage DUI talks about the consequences for someone’s driver’s license if they are charged with an underage DUI in Maryland, and the process for requesting a restricted license.

What Happens to My License If I’m Charged with Underage DUI?

Being under 21 and charged with a Maryland DUI means that an individual is violating their license restriction. One of the restrictions, that’s on any person’s license who is under 21, is that they are not permitted to consume alcohol and be behind the wheel of a car, even if it’s a small amount of alcohol.

So what a person can expect is a possibility of a suspension of their license, a possibility of a revocation of their license, a possibility of having to participate in the ignition interlock program, and further penalties including monetary fines. Usually with people under 21, most of these penalties are going to be at the discretion of either an administrative law judge who sits at a Motor Vehicle Administration hearing or of a criminal judge. Whether that’s a judge that’s presiding over juvenile court or a judge that’s presiding over some actual criminal proceedings in adult court.

Process For Getting a Restricted License in Maryland

It is similar to an adult process for obtaining a restricted license, but an individual who is under 21 should know that the judge who will determine whether or not a restricted license is appropriate for that individual will put up more hurdles and roadblocks for that individual than they would for somebody who was over 21.

Again, the judge recognizes that this violation is two-fold. The first violation was driving under the influence or while impaired by alcohol and the second was that the person consumed alcohol to begin with without being legally permitted to do so.

Getting a Restricted License After An Underage DUI

Generally, when somebody is charged with driving under the influence or while impaired by alcohol, their license is usually taken from them upon arrest, and they’re issued a white sheet of paper that’s titled Officer Certification and Order of Suspension. Usually on the back of that document is a section that states that an individual has a right to an administrative hearing to discuss the status of their privilege to drive.

Now that back side of this document should be filled out completely and sent to the Motor Vehicle Administration in accordance with the instructions on that page. Once that document is sent to the Motor Vehicle Administration and they have confirmed receipt of it, they will then schedule an administrative hearing where the driver and their attorney can go and petition the judge for that restricted driver’s license so the individual can continue to drive for essential purposes.

Call a DUI Lawyer for Help

A DUI lawyer in Maryland understands the various license suspension processes and procedures, as well as how both minors and adults can be affected by losing their driver’s license due to a DUI. Call our MD law offices today and speak with a member of our friendly legal team to learn more.