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Our Approach to White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crimes are typically financially related and are therefore typically prosecuted severely. For this reason it is important that those facing criminal charges hire experienced legal representation who can assist them in minimizing the harm of their charges. When looking for an attorney to represent you there are a series of important factors to be aware of including how to approach a White Collar case.

Below, Maryland Federal criminal attorney Kush Arora discusses how he approaches White Collar cases. To learn more about what a lawyer can do for your case, call today and schedule a free consultation.

What Makes White Collar Criminal Defense Cases Interesting to Defend?

I think White Collar Criminal cases are interesting to defend because they don’t always present themselves to be what they are right away. White Collar Criminal cases usually involve lengthy histories of something that happened, something that led to an individual being alleged to have defrauded another party. It is interesting to dig through those records and documents to try to understand the history of the parties, the nature of the business or relationship between the individual and the corporation, and figuring out what the original intent was and why they actually moved forward with those criminal offenses. That certainly makes a White Collar case an interesting one to defend.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With You In White Collar Criminal Cases?

Whenever you are going to work with any attorney you should only work with somebody who understands how important any criminal charge is going to be to you, or to your business, and how it is going to impact you and your family and their livelihood.
When I handle criminal charges, particularly when they are White Collar Criminal charges, I believe the most important aspect of this process is the investigation in understanding what all of the relationships were between all of the parties involved before even looking into the criminal activity that is alleged. I think that a great deal of the knowledge that we get from relationships that led up to the criminal allegations will tell us what each party’s bias was, what each party’s knowledge was or should have been in relation to the criminal acts that are alleged. It could really help us to battle one of the most important issues that will come up during any White Collar Criminal investigation which is how does the government prove that my client intended to commit this criminal act?

Are There Any Benefits For Working With A Criminal Defense Law Firm As Opposed To A Solo Practitioner?

A White Collar Criminal Defense Law firm is where you have the resources to actually conduct the investigations you need. Working with a solo practitioner on cases that are as complex as White Collar cases can be difficult to do because they often require a tremendous amount of attention on a daily basis. At a law firm you will have, not only the attorney that is representing the case, but also investigators, paralegals, and law clerks who can look at records and documents that are being provided in evidence, and researching the applicable law associated with any issues that are arising during the course of the investigation.
It is usually a team effort to defend somebody in a White Collar Criminal case and working with a White Collar firm that has the resources to put that kind of a team together is really the only way to make sure that you are getting the kind of defense that is appropriate to battle these very serious criminal charges.