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Maryland Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Maryland credit card theft is a specific statute. When someone is facing credit card theft, it is important that they understand the common offenses associated with the charge. A person facing credit card theft charges should consider hiring a skilled theft attorney. A prosecutor needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person had the intent to use an individual’s credit card without the consent of the cardholder.

If you have been accused of taking an individual’s credit card and using without their explicit permission, you could be charged with credit card theft. It is essential to start building a strong defense and consider hiring an experienced Maryland credit card theft lawyer.

What is Credit Card Theft?

Maryland has a specific statute that addresses theft of credit cards. In order to be convicted of credit card theft, the state would have to prove that the defendant took the credit card of another person. That taking could be directly from their possession or it could be from a location, but one that they are doing it without the consent of the cardholder. They are taking the card and the cardholder has not given permission to do that, which in and of itself is a crime.

It is also a crime to possess a credit card that the person knows was either lost or mistakenly delivered to the suspect. For example, if an individual receives a credit card in their mailbox that was delivered mistakenly to their address and the card was issued to another person, it is not a free card to use. Even signing the back of it would be a crime. It also is a crime to buy or sell that card unless that person is the actual issuer of the card.

Common Offenses

The most common scenario is where a person takes another person’s credit and uses it. For example, they go to a store, pretend to be the person listed on the card, use it to purchase things, and sign the credit card holder’s name. That is the most common offense. Second to that is the scenarios where somebody mistakenly receives a credit card that was issued to another person and they then proceed to use it as if it was theirs.

Proving a Case

A prosecutor would need to prove that there had been a valid credit card that has been issued to one person without permission and that another person without the consent used that card. That would be a most basic way to describe it. That would also include the factual scenario of a card mistakenly delivered to another person’s address, so the card is being issued by the credit card company and placed in the wrong post office box or mailbox. They would have to prove that there was a validly issued card and that without the permission of the cardholder another person was using that card.

Difference Between a Credit Card Theft and Fraud

Credit card theft is taking a card that is validly issued and using it without the owner’s permission. Credit card fraud could mean a lot of different things. It could mean counterfeiting a credit card. It could also mean taking a valid credit card and making some sort of alteration to it like changing the numbers. It would be fraudulent for someone other the cardholder to sign the credit card. It also would be broad for someone to represent themselves as either being the cardholder or having the card with a person’s permission to use it. Somebody could be charged with different offenses for whatever actions they did. There could be multiple criminal violations as a result.

Hiring an Attorney

If you are facing credit card theft charges, it is essential that you speak with a skilled local attorney who can assist you in building a strong defense. A local Maryland credit card theft lawyer understands the local policies regarding these charges and can assist you in making statements, preparing for a testimony, and ensuring you understand your rights throughout the investigation and hearing.