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Maryland Robbery Arrests

Maryland robbery arrests take place in the same way that any other arrests take place. An officer establishes probable cause to place somebody under arrest, and subsequently, take the person into custody after they are detained. If you have been arrested for an alleged robbery charge, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced robbery lawyer as soon as you can.


In certain circumstances, the person can become aware of a warrant outstanding for their arrest well in advance of an officer actually serving a warrant. In those circumstances, they could make arrangements, usually through an attorney, to turn themselves in at the police station as opposed to having police come out to find them.

It helps their case with respect to bonds because a judge might view them more favorably with respect to knowing that the person did not necessarily pose a flight risk, that they did take steps to turn themselves in.Additionally, if the case gets to the point of sentencing, this piece of information could be used to a person’s advantage to try to show the judge the person took responsibility for themselves and did not create more work for the police with respect to serving that warrant.


A person can learn of the indictment right away, or it could take time. It just depends on the circumstances.
An indictment is a proceeding that goes to a grand jury. The case is reviewed, with a bit more detail, by a group of people not in law enforcement, who may take statements from witnesses and review other kinds of evidence before making a determination about whether or not the charges are appropriate with respect to the case.

Important Information to Remember

Law enforcement will arrest someone if they have probable cause. It depends completely on the investigation and the evidence uncovered. Maryland robbery arrest are extremely serious. Often, law enforcement agents will take initial opportunities when a person is very vulnerable. They may begin questioning them, hoping to gain information before the person decides to hire an attorney to represent them.

A person should know that it is very dangerous to talk to police without an attorney present making sure that the person’s rights are preserved. A person can find themselves filling in blanks or patching up holes in the government’s case for them by making statements, which if the statements had not been made, would lead to a person’s acquittal in that particular criminal matter.

Process of the Arrest and Booking

Arrest and booking for a Maryland robbery charge is similar to other criminal cases. The person is brought into the police station. The charges are reviewed with them. And often, they are seen by a commissioner to determine what, if any, bond is appropriate for them to be released.

If the commissioner sets the bond as something the person is not capable of paying then the matter is referred to a judge the following day in district court. There is a chance the person will receive a more appropriate bond depending on the judge’s discretion.

Building a Defense

A person can, and should, contact an attorney at the first opportunity immediately after being arrested. Robbery arrests in Maryland are very serious and complex with respect to what the state must prove. People who do not reach out to an attorney right away risk the opportunity to exercise certain rights with respect to their case.

Maryland Robbery Arrests