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Maryland Robbery Arrest Process

Robbery arrests take place in the same way as an arrest in any other criminal case. The Maryland robbery arrest process is similar to other charges. Typically, the person could be handcuffed and taken into custody by the police and transported to a police station.

If you have been arrested and taken to the police station, the police will formally charge you after determinations are made about the appropriateness of the charges filed. Being arrested on robbery charges can be complicated and stressful. It is important to contact a robbery attorney as soon as you have been arrested to begin building a strong defense case and have legal representation during the investigation or questioning.

Voluntary Surrender

There are several circumstances a person has the chance to surrender themselves. People often have a chance to surrender themselves if the investigation is done with the police officer who makes those arrangements permissible. That is something between a police officer, their unit, and the defense attorney and whether they believe it is appropriate. That can be explored when all parties, including the police officer and the attorney, are comfortable with the arrangements.

Rights During an Arrest

Law enforcement officers choose to make an arrest when they have the appropriate time and resources to devote to the arrest. Usually, the timing of an arrest is up to the law enforcement officers.
When a person is arrested on robbery charges, they should know they have a right to remain silent throughout the Maryland robbery arrest process.
Even though the charges are serious, the person does not have to talk to an officer about anything that is articulated when they are not comfortable doing so and they do not have the opportunity to speak to an attorney first. It is most important that people recognize how valuable it is to have an attorney present when being questioned about a robbery.

Arrest and Booking Process

Arrest and booking occur when somebody is taken into police custody and brought to a police station. They are given their charges and have an opportunity to be considered for a bond.
When somebody is indicted for a robbery offense they can learn about the indictment immediately or after a great deal of time depending on when that notification is given. Usually, when somebody is indicted for a robbery offense, the authorities want to make the suspect aware as soon as possible.

Public Records

Robbery records are available to the public through the police station and also in a Maryland case search when charges become active in the public case search forum. People can search for those charges anytime unless they are sealed or expunged by a court.

Getting Legal Counsel

Robbery is a serious felony offense and court systems take robbery offenses seriously. Robbers can be treated like violent criminals because the offenses are considered extremely serious. Generally, the police give somebody an opportunity to reach out to an attorney from the police station. They can contact an attorney about the matter immediately after being charged.

It is essential to speak with a legal advisor if you have been arrested for robbery charges. The Maryland robbery arrest process can be complicated and stressful, so there are benefits to knowing that your attorney is looking out for you.

Maryland Robbery Arrests