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Maryland Speed Reading Instruments

There are several ways law enforcement can use to tell if a person is speeding. It is important to understand the different types of tools and tactics police officials will use to determine if someone is speeding. Speeding can happen accidentally if the speeding zone changes rapidly, or there are other factors that went into going over the speed limit.

Many attorneys will advise their clients to start building evidence for their case. It is important to consult with a skilled speeding ticket lawyer if you are unsure what your rights are for a speeding charge where officers used Maryland speeding reading instruments.

The Use of Traffic Radar Tools in Maryland

There are several traffic radar tools that are used to detect speeding in Maryland. Typically, most things in terms of their weight would also depend on the judge and how the judge used the reading. If the instruments are functioning in the way they were supposed to function, then an officer’s testimony is generally given more weight in general.

An officer does have documentation that the Maryland speed reading instruments can prove that a person’s car was going quickly. They will be given the appropriate amount of weight given there is nothing deemed to be inappropriate about their equipment working.

Radar Gun Readings in Court

A person could ask the officer if the radar gun has been calibrated lately or what training the officer has had to use the radar gun. The goal is to create doubt about the officer’s ability to properly use the radar gun.

The traffic radar instruments used in Maryland should be accurate. If all things are working perfectly then it could be safe to assume the radar gun was working properly but as stated above there are lots of things that could make there be a false reading.

Errors with Traffic Radar Instruments

There are some issues with Maryland speed reading instruments that can come up in speeding cases such as interference or locking onto the wrong object. Those are things that can always be argued, especially interference because now all the cars have electronic gadgets which can always have a false reading or be swayed by something else that happened. If the radar gun is not properly working, it may not read everything properly or may give an officer skewed results.

Operator error in the use of a radar gun can happen. Looking at the numbers in terms of equipment being up to date and everyone is properly trained, there is a high possibility. Every now and then some type of issue that will pop up like this.

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