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Montgomery County Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyer

Defense contractor fraud covers a wide array of criminal acts involving false claims about products or services provided to the United States government. Defense contractor fraud may include embezzlement-related charges and overbilling charges. When a defense contractor has a contract with the United States government to provide a service or product and they engage in fraud, misrepresentation, or bribery, that could fall under the defense contractor fraud allegation.

It is unusual to see defense contractor fraud cases in Montgomery County’s court system. Usually, these cases are charged in the federal courts because most of the contracts are with the federal government. However, there are state contracts that a defense contractor can also be involved with and those are handled by the state court such as the Montgomery Court system.

If you have been charged with defense contractor fraud, call a seasoned fraud attorney today. A Montgomery County defense contractor fraud lawyer could advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Building a Defense

Whenever someone is facing these serious fraud charges, they should hire an experienced Montgomery County defense fraud lawyer because the charges might be complicated and the opportunities for defense can also be intricate. An individual may not know the defenses available to them until they speak with their attorney. Many times, defense contractor fraud involves the person’s mens rea or their lack of vicious intent to commit a crime.

In fraud cases, it is not uncommon to learn that the individual was not aware that they were committing a criminal act. Their lack of awareness could be a solid defense for defense contractor-related allegations of fraud. It is vital to reach out to an attorney who understands the nuances of this particular area of law to ensure that a proper response can be prepared for any allegations made about the criminal act.

Complying with the Terms and Conditions

There is no information that one needs to have a record of in preventing defense contractor fraud from occurring other than the terms and conditions laid out by their employment or contract. Complying with the terms provided in the contract is the appropriate course of action. There are agents of any defense contract who function as compliance officers and are able to answer questions if a specific behavior is a violation of their obligation. If someone has questions about their contractual obligations, they should contact a defense contractor fraud lawyer in Montgomery County.

A Montgomery County Defense Contractor Fraud Attorney Could Help

The first step a Montgomery County defense contractor fraud lawyer will take to help you is to identify why you believe you are being investigated or why you were charged. The attorney reviews this information to determine the most appropriate course of action to prepare an investigation. They determine who to call and how to gather evidence to give a viable defense. The plan of action can only be determined after the lawyer meets with the accused offender. If you are facing defense contractor fraud charges, contact a well-established attorney today.

Montgomery County Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyer