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Montgomery County Defense Contractor Fraud Penalties

Defense contractor fraud is a serious crime because of the relationship of trust that is established when the government picks a defense contractor for a project. It is similar to employee fraud, where a person is in a position of trust and takes advantage of that trust by defrauding their employer. It is different from an outsider defrauding that employer. When someone violates that position of trust, they can expect to face more serious consequences from the court system because they are given access to information others might not have access to. If they misuse information, they are committing a particularly heinous immoral act.

If you are facing Montgomery County defense contractor fraud penalties, reach out to an accomplished defense contractor fraud lawyer.

Role of Security Clearance

A security clearance provides a person with access to sensitive information that others might not have. Many defense contractors are given a security clearance so they have access to information that assists them in performing the contract with the government. That information could involve things that the government holds particularly dear, such as secrets associated with national security. Not everyone is given access to the information. An individual may be given an opportunity to have access to sensitive information only after a rigorous vetting process.

Abusing Security Clearance

Security clearance is only given to people after they are deemed qualified to have the specific information because it is particularly sensitive in nature. If that information is divulged to the wrong people, it could pose a serious risk to the national security of the country. For that reason, if someone violates a security clearance, not only do they face the loss of the contract or employment, they could be criminally prosecuted for the violation of that trustworthiness. The collateral consequences of a person abusing their security clearance could be dire for the country and for the millions of residents of the country. Someone who abuses their security clearance could be facing serious Montgomery County defense contractor fraud penalties.

Fraud Activities Someone May Not Realize is Considered Criminal

One might be unaware that some activities involving defense contractors are considered criminal behavior. People may not realize they should not be talking about their employment outside of an employee setting. It could be in violation of their responsibilities as a government contractor to travel to certain parts of the world considered off limits to someone who holds a specific security clearance. When an individual is engaged in a contract, they should be well aware of their obligations as a defense contractor and their responsibilities. If they do not, they could easily slip up and face Montgomery County defense contractor fraud penalties. For any questions about what may count as fraud, call a well-established attorney.

Consequences of a Defense Contractor Fraud Conviction

Immediate consequences of a defense contractor fraud conviction could be a period of incarceration, loss of employment, loss of the person’s security clearance, periods of probation, and potential orders of restitution to another party for money owed as a result of a violation.

Long-term consequences can be significant. Someone facing Montgomery County defense contractor fraud penalties may find it difficult to maintain a career in the same area of practice, which could have a long-term impact on their livelihood and ability to earn a living. Therefore, it may be essential to obtain an accomplished lawyer if you are facing defense contractor fraud penalties in Montgomery County.

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