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Montgomery County Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Credit card theft in Montgomery County refers to a person taking not only another individual’s actual physical credit card but also their card information and using this in some way that is not authorized by the owner of that card. If you have been charged with a credit card offense, consult a capable theft attorney. A Montgomery County credit card theft lawyer could build your case.

Charges Associated With Credit Card Theft

Some common offenses associated with credit card theft in Montgomery County include forgery, fraud, and identity theft. Prosecutors need to prove that the person who engaged in the use of another person’s credit card or credit card information was not authorized by the owner of the card.

Difference Between Credit Card Theft and Credit Card Fraud

As a Montgomery County credit card theft lawyer may explain, the difference between credit card theft and credit card fraud is not very significant. Unless it is just a charge of physically taking the card, credit card theft is essentially the same as credit card fraud. It is unlikely that somebody would be charged with taking another person’s credit card as a credit card theft. it is the use or attempted use of that card that is called credit card theft or fraud, depending on the details of the specific case.

Considerations When Building a Defense

The most important thing a Montgomery County credit card theft lawyer may take into consideration is what the state has in terms of their own investigation. A defense attorney may wonder what kind of evidence the state has. For example, a lawyer may look at the records that the prosecution has to try and prove the case, what surveillance case they have, in order to counteract the evidence. An attorney may argue that the evidence is not sufficient to support the criminal allegation that the state is trying to support, or, the evidence was collected in some way that was not lawful and therefore inadmissible, making the criminal prosecution of the case inappropriate,

Mistakes People Often Make in Credit Card Theft Cases

One of the most common mistakes that people make related to fraud charges is meeting with a police officer or discussing the matter with a police officer without having an attorney present. Many times, fraud cases are difficult for the government to prove because they are so heavy on things like bank records or business records.

Often times, an individual’s statement to the police can be enough to be the nail in the coffin against them for their case. Even if they think that those admissions are otherwise innocuous, those admissions could become the exact pieces of evidence that the prosecutor or the police officer needed to have a successful prosecution. It is very important to make sure that a person does not give away information to police officers without first consulting a Montgomery County credit card theft attorney.

Working With a Montgomery County Credit Card Theft Attorney

Credit card theft can be a complicated charge for the prosecution to prove, especially in this age of internet theft and fraud cases. It is very difficult to identify who actually was behind the credit card fraud or theft itself. A Montgomery County credit card theft lawyer who understands the rules of evidence, the requirements of the state’s burden of proof, and how that person can become invisible in the criminal proceeding is imperative in making sure that an individual gets the best defense possible.

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