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Benefits of Hiring a Private Ocean City Criminal Lawyer For Your Case

Facing criminal charges in Ocean City? Here is what you should know about the benefits of hiring a private criminal defense attorney as opposed to a public defender. To learn more or to discuss your case with a private Ocean city criminal defense lawyer, call today.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Attorney

Typically a private attorney is not going to carry the same case load that a public defender carries. Public defenders are overworked and underpaid, they have responsibility for large numbers of cases. What that can mean for a client is less opportunity to speak with their attorney.
The time that the attorney can spend with the client can be limited, and so it’s much more difficult to get good one on one time and preparation with a public defender. Private attorneys oftentimes are carrying less of a case load which means that they have more time to get started on a person’s case right away. A lot needs to be done right away. It could mean going out and interviewing witnesses, or advising a client to rapidly enroll into a treatment program.
A private attorney is going to be able to meet with the client and spend more time with the client and begin addressing issues faster than the public defender typically is able to.

Benefits of Experience When Hiring An Attorney

A private attorney could have a great deal more experience than a public defender. For example, I’m in private practice after having worked as a prosecutor for seven years. That gives me a very unique perspective on how to help a client. If a public defender has only done public defender work then they don’t have that broader range of experience that a private attorney can bring. It also could have more to do with age and experience, private attorneys oftentimes are attorneys who are older and have been around for a lot longer, have tried perhaps more cases and have experiences with these judges that public defenders might not have because perhaps the public defender is younger, somebody straight out of law school and just doesn’t have the years of experience that the private attorney does.
Additionally, a public defender’s resources and training is limited by what the state government can afford. A private attorney does not have that sort of limit as to what kind of training perhaps the attorney has attended or what resources the private attorney is able to access because if the private attorney wants to they can pay for it themselves and get all the training that they want.

Contacting a Criminal Attorney in Ocean City