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Ocean City Drug Lawyer

If you have been accused of a drug crime, let an Ocean City drug lawyer help you fight the charges. An attorney in Ocean City will work hard to try to get the charges dropped, get a verdict of not guilty or limit your penalties through the most favorable possible plea agreement. Drug crimes are taken seriously by prosecutors and you need to be proactive in responding to charges.

Getting Help from an Ocean City Drug Lawyer

Entrapment may be a defense to a drug crime, as can lack of proof of possession.  If police found drugs in an illegal search, an Ocean City drug lawyer can file a motion to keep the evidence from being used to try to convict.
There are a number of defenses to raise, and a number of approaches to take, when dealing with controlled substance crimes. Call an Ocean City drug lawyer to explain your options, help you to determine the right course of action, and put his legal experience to work advocating for you during your trial.

Drug Laws in Ocean City 

A defendant may be charged with a variety of drug offenses in Ocean City including:

  • Possession of any controlled substances, ranging from marijuana to heroin to prescription drugs without a valid prescription. (Code Section 5-601)
  • Dispensing or distributing controlled substances. Code Section 5-602)
  • Possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. (Code Section 5-602)
  • Possession of equipment used to manufacture a controlled substance. (Code Section 5-603)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia, like a bong or a crack pipe. (Maryland Code Section 5-619)

There are five categories of controlled substances in Ocean City: Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, Schedule IV, and Schedule V substances. Schedule I substances have no accepted use in medicine and are considered highly addictive and dangerous. Schedule II drugs are also considered high risk, but have a medical use. Schedule III, IV, and V drugs become progressively less addictive or high-risk, and also have accepted medical uses.
The law restricts not only the possession of these controlled substances, but also possession of paraphernalia that makes it easier to take drugs and equipment that is used to produce controlled substances.
Just because you are accused of one of these crimes does not mean you will be found guilty. An Ocean City drug lawyer can put his legal experience to work on drug crime cases to help you develop a plan for responding to the allegations. Getting charges dropped or walking away with a verdict of not guilty are possible outcomes to your case, depending upon the evidence and the strength of the case you make to defend your freedom.

Drug Crime Penalties in Ocean City

Penalties can range from misdemeanor simple possession to felony drug offenses. Schedule V controlled substances result in the least serious penalties, with possible jail sentences, fines and other consequences growing progressively worse for controlled substances considered more “dangerous.”
A defendant will also face a longer prison sentence, large fines, and other more grave consequences for intent to distribute, dispensing, distributing, manufacture, or intent to manufacture as compared with a charge of simple possession.  Finally, a past criminal record affects penalties as well.
An Ocean City drug lawyer may be able to help you avoid any penalties at all, including a criminal record, if you can successfully defend yourself against the charges.  If you want to plead guilty, your Ocean City drug attorney can also work with the prosecutor to reduce the charges or recommend light sentencing.